How To Convert A Facebook Profile To A Fan Page

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24 May How To Convert A Facebook Profile To A Fan Page

Many Facebook users are unaware that a Facebook profile can easily be converted into a fan Page. Facebook calls the process a “Profile to Business Page Migration” and it can be done through accessing this tool here.

Simply go to link given and select the type of Page you want to convert your profile into, agree to Facebook’s Pages Terms and you’re ready to “Get Started.”

There are a few consequences to be warned of prior to converting a profile to a fan Page. When the conversion process occurs profile friends will be converted into Page Likes, all uploaded photos will be transferred and all other content will be lost. Login information will remain the same.

For users worried about the loss of their profile content, a solution is to access their account settings and download a copy of their Facebook data before engaging in the migration process.

If you know a business that has a profile instead of page, or a friend that would like to position themselves as a Public Figure on Facebook, pass this information along and let us know if it helped!

May 25th post update:  

After sharing a link to this post on Facebook, one of our users asked a couple very good questions. Instead of answering those questions just on Facebook, we thought to include his questions and our response on here as well. For users with the same questions, hopefully this helps!

Q: Joel Kreativ What if one already has a fanpage with let’s say 10.000 fans and also a profile with the same name as the fanpage with 5.000 friends, isn’t it then possible to transfer the 5.000 friends to the already existing fanpage so the total amount of fans are 15.000?

And if only friends and pictures are transferred, then all subscribers are lost?

A: ShortStack Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow a profile to be converted into an already existing fan page. Because your fan page is higher in Likes, and if you want to start phasing out your personal page, I suggest posting on your personal page that you will be soon deleting your profile and that they should like your fan page.

As for your second question, subscribers also get converted into Likes! Here’s a good link to check out if you have any more questions about the migration. Hope this helps :)

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