Landing Pages + ShortStack

Build standalone web pages with focused objectives.

Your customers can access your Campaigns from any device

Mobile ready


Use your Campaign URL to promote your landing page everywhere. Your mobile-ready landing page has its own URL, unrestricted by social-media platform rules and limitations, and is accessible from any device.

Increase traffic with social sharing

Make it easy for your followers to spread the word


Install ShortStack’s Share Widget so your followers can share a link to your Campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Learn how an exclusive resort increased giveaway entries by 78% and increased Campaign views by 141%.
Keep branding consistent

Complete design control

Create pages that meet your design standards, include the functions you want, and aren’t limited by social network guidelines. For example, you can design landing pages at 960 pixels wide that will adjust automatically to fit the 810-pixel limit on Facebook.

Landing Page Example

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