40 Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Campaign

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40 Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Campaign

The “If you build it, they will come” expression does not apply to Campaigns. Seventy-five percent of what makes a Campaign successful is what you do to promote it. That said, there are lots of ways to promote a Campaign — most of which don’t cost much because you’re making use of resources, like your website and social media channels, that you already have.

To make sure you don’t forget all the little updates and improvements you can do to promote your Campaign, we’ve created a handy 40-point checklist. Let’s dive into it.


First and foremost, if your Campaign isn’t designed with sharability in mind, you’re limiting its potential virality. Here are a handful of features ShortStack offers that help promote the sharing and engagement of your Campaign:

Ο Share Widget: Lets your users share your Campaign on their various social media channels platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+

Ο Points per field: Incentivizes people to fill out extra fields of a promotion form by awarding them more chances to win. Find this feature in the Form Designer.

Ο Friend Invite: Let your Campaign’s visitors easily invite their friends to your Campaign. This displays in a pop-in so it takes little room.

Ο Voting Widget: Display entries submitted via the Promotion Widget and let your Campaign’s visitors vote, share and comment on each entry.

Ο Action Widget: Create “if this, then that” integrations between your widgets. You can use this feature to enable share prompts and/or display popups.


Identify which of your online properties gets the most traffic and turn them into promotional assets for your Campaign. Most brands, for instance, get most of their traffic on their website and/or blog. Add the following to drive traffic to your Campaign’s hub:

Ο Website header notification bar (Hello Bar makes it easy to create one)

Ο Website sidebar displays ads

Ο Popup notifications

Ο Call-to-action footer images on blog posts

Ο A graphic announcement on the main page of your website and/or blog


Beyond posting frequent status updates and posts about your Campaign on your favorite social media networks, there are handful of small profile updates you can make to create awareness for your Campaign:

Ο Update your brand’s Facebook cover photo and/or profile photo

Ο Update your Twitter header image

Ο Update your Twitter bio to include a link to your Campaign’s hub

Ο Update your brand’s Instagram bio with a link to your Campaign’s hub

Ο If you created a video to promote your Campaign, include a shortened link to your Campaign’s hub at the end of your video (like McDonald’s did for their World Cup Campaign) or provide the link in the video’s description box

*Use these same tips across all your social profiles throughout the duration of your Campaign.


Email conversion rates are three times higher than social media, with a 17 percent higher value in conversion, according to a report by McKinsey & Company. It’s also the channel on which the large majority (90%) of consumers would like to receive updates from brands, according to the Nielsen Norman Group. Use these email marketing efforts to let your customers and/or subscribers know about your Campaign:

Ο Send an email blast to your subscribers notifying them of your Campaign

Ο Include a footer or header image that promotes your Campaign in your newsletter’s design

Ο Set up auto-responder emails so when a person shares with you their email address via your Campaign, they are sent a special message to their inbox


Content can be used to create awareness for a Campaign. Here are examples of content you can create and share to promote your Campaign:

Ο Blog posts that support your Campaign’s message

Ο eBooks, white papers and/or downloadable PDFs that support your Campaign’s message

Ο Guest posts for a blogger who has an audience you want your Campaign to reach

Ο Infographics that have a call to action on its footer —  like this one

Ο Graphic tutorials or how-to content

Ο Videos with calls to action to visit your Campaign


If you have a budget to promote your Campaign, there are many options for paid advertising. Here are the most popular options to consider first:

Ο Facebook advertisements

Ο Promoted tweets

Ο Youtube video ads

Ο Google AdWords

Ο Retargeted display advertising

Ο Radio ads

Ο Television ads

Ο Magazine or newspaper print ads

Ο Billboard ads (Mailchimp has a fun billboard campaign you can check out for inspiration)

Ο Brand sponsorships

Ο Pinterest-worthy images

* Pro Tip: Content (see point above) often resonates better with people than generic ads promoting a brand’s latest message. Test putting money behind content that promotes your Campaign — it’s a practice we use called Hybrid Content Marketing.


Traditional media efforts serve a larger purpose: To formally let the world (not just the internet) know about your Campaign. Here are three ways to do that:

Ο Publish a press release

Ο Create in-store advertisements

Ο Host an event and integrate “social” into it. For example, you could create a special hashtag for the event.


If your brand’s Campaign is a giveaway, there is one effective way to promote it that not many people consider:

Ο Promote your Campaign on giveaway listing sites.


Dana Kilroy

Dana Sullivan Kilroy is ShortStack's Director of Communications and Social Media Marketing. Before joining the ShortStack team she was a writer whose work appeared in publications and sites including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc. and many other lifestyle publications. Reach her on Twitter @dsullyk. Read more articles by Dana Kilroy.

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