Create a Pin and Win Contest in 6 Steps [2018]

Create a Pin and Win Contest in 6 Steps

One second you’re taking a quick moment out of your day to look up a creative solution for decluttering your bathroom. The next moment, your computer screen is abnormally bright.

You look up and notice you’re sitting in a dark room. The sun has set … it’s been three hours since you took your “quick moment.”

“What the heck happened?” you think to yourself. But you already know what happened…

You got pulled in by Pinterest.

You’re no match. None of us can fight the attention-grabbing power of Pinterest!

If you’ve been overlooking this powerful platform as a business-promotion tool, you’ve gotta get on board. Not only is the platform hugely popular (millennials are reported to use the platform as much as Instagram), Pinterest users often convert to shoppers. According to Omnicore’s Pinterest by the Numbers, 87 percent of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.

If your business already has a presence on Pinterest and you’re looking to drive some new traffic to your page, a Pin and Win contest is a great way to engage with your followers and get a little extra exposure for your brand. As a bonus, you can use info you collect via your contest’s entry form for further marketing.

Here’s how to set up a Pin and Win contest of your own:

To start, head over to, sign up for a free account and open the Pin and Win template – most of the work has already been done for you.

ShortStack's Pin and Win template in the gallery

Select the Pin and Win Template from the Template Gallery


Next, you’ll want to update the “Follow” button with your own Pinterest profile URL. Scroll down to the Code Widget called “Follow Button Code,” open it and replace the URL with your Pinterest Profile URL.

Update your follow link

Update the Follow Button Code widget


To update the Pin you’d like to use, open the Pin in Pinterest and copy the URL. Replace it in the Code Widget called “Pin Code.”

Update your pin link

Paste your pin URL into the Pin Code widget


Next, it’s time to update a few more elements.

Update the campaign and add your campaign’s logo here:

Add your logo to your campaign

Add your logo to your campaign


Update the Share Widget so participants can share to their social media profiles and get you more entries. You can customize the share text for each social media platform.

Make sure to update your giveaway’s official rules here.

Update your contest rules

Don’t forget to update your contest rules


If you like, use the Style Panel to change the look and feel of your campaign. This video will walk you through using the Style Panel.

If you need a little more of a primer to get to know the ShortStack platform, check out this Getting Started guide.

Lastly, publish your campaign to the web. You can use the URL to promote your campaign wherever you like – on Facebook, Twitter, in your Instagram bio, and of course, in a Pin on Pinterest. If you want to embed your contest on your website, it’s easy: Just upgrade to the $99/month plan.

Here are 40 more ways to get the word out about your campaign.


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Create a Pin and Win Contest in 6 Steps
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