How Colors Affect Your Landing Page Conversion Rate [Infographic]

Change the Color of Field Labels in Custom Forms and Promotions

There are many factors that influence a purchasing decision, or in this case, the landing page conversion rate. Color is one of the most studied marketing aspects that influence the psychology behind decision-making. Color can persuade to purchase or turn a customer away within seconds.

Color perception in branding is an important topic for marketers because colors represent different emotions and personality types. For example yellow represents optimism, blue represents trust, and red represents excitement.

To come up with the perfect color palette, famous brands invest a great deal of time and money in research. In reality, color perception is not only about the color of the logo, but it also plays an important role in purchases and web traffic conversion. Color lays a foundation to product judgment and customers’ perception about the brand’s personality.

The following stats pulled from a Kissmetrics infographic, prove how colors affect conversions:

• 92.6% of people say the visual element has the highest effects on their purchasing decision (in comparison to smell, taste etc.).

• People make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of the initial view.

• Two out of three customers won’t purchase a large appliance, unless it comes in a “perfect” color.

• Full-color ads recognized  26% more than black and white ads.

• Blue, purple, green are the most effective colors on women.

• Blue, green and black are the most effective colors on men.

Color theory applies to the brand logo, website or blog, but also to landing pages. Even though landing page is a standalone webpage, brand colors should remain consistent. You can compare different color combinations for your brand with the Adobe Color wheel. You can dive deeper into color theory using Canva’s Color Wheel that lets you find color combinations that work well together and gives you a grasp about shades, tones, hue, and saturation.

Marketers also found that color of the call-to-action (CTA) button has a great effect on conversion. Different color variation can significantly increase the conversion rate. It is highly recommended to change the color of the call-to-action button. Color that provokes the highest emotions from your customers can be determined with A/B testing.

how colors affect conversion rates



Change the Color of Field Labels in Custom Forms and Promotions
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