NEW FEATURE: Instagram Widget

How to Add Paragraph Spacing to Your Instagram Posts

We’re super excited to introduce our latest feature, the Instagram Widget.

The Instagram Widget is used to display photos and videos in your app from a single Instagram account, or that match a hashtag search. You can also set the widget to periodically refresh the content from Instagram.

Here is what the Widget looks like in the Designer:


Here is the basic set-up for the Instagram Widget:

1. Add/edit the widget.

2. If you haven’t previously authorized ShortStack to use your Instagram account, click the Authorize button to do so now and follow the instructions in the popup window. This step is mandatory to ensure ShortStack can access the Instagram API on your behalf.

3. Once you’ve completed the authorization, enter either an Instagram user name (such as your own), or a single hashtag (must start with #).

4. Optionally, change the Layout and modify any Advanced Options (such as the number of photos to display, if you want to show videos and the refresh interval).

5. Click Save.

For more information, check out this quick video tutorial on using the Instagram Widget:

We’ve made it easy to get started using this new tool by creating five Instagram Templates. You can locate these in the back-end of ShortStack in Templates, they are titled Instagram Photo Vote Contest, Instagram Video Vote Contest, Instagram, Instagram Contest, and Instagram Video Contest.

Here’s how they look:


For some more information, check out the help doc for the Instagram Widget.

How to Add Paragraph Spacing to Your Instagram Posts
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