#STACKTALK Episode 1: Q&A with ShortStack Experts

Q&A with ShortStack Experts

#STACKTALK Episode 1: Q&A with ShortStack Experts

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Q&A for #STACKTALK, ShortStack’s official podcast all about how to create effective Campaigns and contests to connect, collect and market.

In the first episode of #STACKTALK, ShortStack experts Adam and Ashley answer the top 5 questions submitted by users. Here are the shownotes from this episode.

Top 5 user questions:

  • Why is it better to “embed” Campaigns than publish them to Facebook?

Takeaway: Download our white paper about the effectiveness of omnichannel Campaigns.

  • How do I know if my Campaign has been successful?

Takeaway: Success depends on what your goals are!

  •  What type of Campaign should I be running now?

Takeaway: Run a fun engagement Campaign, like a personality quiz, or a set-it-and-forget-it Campaign, like a newsletter signup.

  •  How do I determine the ROI of my Campaigns?

Takeaway: Download our recent white paper about evaluating ROI.

  •  How can I customize the appearance of my Campaign?

Takeaway: Use our built-in Templates, Themes and background changer tools. We also have a built-in Canva integration to make designer-quality graphics.

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Dana Kilroy

Dana Sullivan Kilroy is ShortStack's Director of Communications and Social Media Marketing. Before joining the ShortStack team she was a writer whose work appeared in publications and sites including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc. and many other lifestyle publications. Reach her on Twitter @dsullyk. Read more articles by Dana Kilroy.