Campaign Examples: Inspired by Summer and the Great Outdoors
Best Practices

Campaign Examples: Online Marketing Campaigns for Customers Who Love the Outdoors

Are your customers outdoorsy types? Make sure they choose your brand for their next adventure. How? By creating online marketing campaigns inspired by the great outdoors! You can build any one of these campaigns to collect leads, and then use email marketing to nurture those leads into sales. Below you’ll find five campaigns built by ShortStack

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Google Primer Partnership
ShortStack Tips & Tricks

Announcing Our Google Primer Partnership

Anyone who owns or manages a business takes on many roles. One day you’re the strategist who is trying to move the company forward. The next day you’re the marketer, posting to social media, planning advertising campaigns and crafting email messages to promote new products and special offers. Sound familiar? If wearing so many hats leaves

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Creating the Ultimate Contest
Campaign & Contest Ideas

A 13-Point Guide for Creating the Ultimate Contest

It’s no secret that a contest or giveaway done right can increase visibility and engagement, and even boost SEO. More important, contests can provide valuable customer information businesses can use for future marketing efforts.  From contact information to zip code and other demographic details, contests are a fun way to collect the data that is most useful for you

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Build a Simple Enter-to-Win Giveaway
Campaign & Contest Ideas

Weekly Campaign Idea: Simple Enter-to-Win Giveaway

Today’s campaign idea is all about simplicity. At ShortStack we see everything from photo and vote promotions built using one of our templates to integrated marketing campaigns that require pages and pages of custom code. No matter how complicated a campaign is, the basic goal behind every campaign is simple: collect some data and give away a prize. Here

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