Rules for Designing with Text
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18 Rules for Using Text [Infographic]

Whether you’re building campaigns, writing ebooks or creating infographics, odds are you’re using text. And when it comes to good design, certain fonts are more likely to help you get your message across. We’ve written about how colors in logos and other branding elements can affect how people perceive your brand, and the same thing goes with fonts.To

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Design Principles You Can Learn From Star Wars
Campaign & Contest Ideas

7 Campaign Design Principles You Can Learn from Star Wars [Infographic]

Today’s the day! That’s right, Star Wars The Force Awakens opens worldwide. (Lucky us: Our whole office is going to see the movie later today.) In honor of the phenomenon that is Star Wars, it seemed appropriate to share this infographic from Venngage, an agency that specializes in data visualization. Venngage studied the Star Wars series and discovered some modern design principles

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