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Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Social Media Leads and How To Re-Evaluate Your Strategy
Best Practices

Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Social Media Leads and How To Re-Evaluate Your Strategy

It’s time you started thinking about social media a little differently… As it stands, digital marketers are far too reliant on social media as a platform for lead generation. They’re obsessed with follower growth, page inquiries, and Facebook Messenger opt-ins. Didn’t we learn anything from Facebook’s algorithm overhaul that destroyed the organic reach of business pages?

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Influencer Marketing
Business & Marketing Strategy

How to Succeed at Influencer Marketing: 10 Tips from the Experts

Content marketing continues to be a powerful strategy for businesses. And these days, many businesses have turned to influencer marketing to give even longer legs to their content. By definition, influencer marketing is “a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or

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Survey Your Audience
Campaign & Contest Ideas

Weekly Campaign Idea: Survey Your Audience

Creating a customer survey is one of the most powerful ways to get quick, reliable and focused feedback on a specific topic. While creating a customer survey is not the easiest task, if it’s done properly,the results are invaluable. So how can you use a marketing campaign to run a customer survey? Your first thought may have been to

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