Provide your customers with codes they can redeem for prizes and discounts

Validate codes your customers enter during form submission using our code redemption feature

You choose the entry codes

It’s up to you whether you want to provide entry codes for each entrant with a unique mix of letters and numbers or if you want them to use the same word or number for submission. You decide which entry codes work best for you and your business.

Verify entry codes immediately

Prevent entry without a valid code. Simply upload a list of entry codes that we cross-reference against the code being submitted by the entrant. If the code matches a code on the list, it’s collected as a valid entry. Code validation ensures only people with authentic codes are eligible to win prizes or receive exclusive discounts.

Limit the number of codes redeemed

Have a limited number of prizes to award? Create a sense of urgency by indicating a limit to the number of entries that will be accepted, and set your form to automatically close when the limit is reached.

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