Make picking a winner easy and fair

Our efficient tools will help you determine your contest’s winner(s) by choosing random entries or by enabling public voting.

Generate random winners

Not sure how to pick a winner for a giveaway? Let our Random Entry Selector do it for you. It gives all entrants an equal chance to win, based on your selection criteria.

Let users decide who wins with voting

You can give people the ability to vote on their favorite entries. Voting contests encourage participants to share their entries (and your contest at the same time) which promotes user engagement with your brand. We also provide you with the option to control how often people can vote.

Collect hashtag contest entries and choose winners

Our feeds feature allows you to collect entries to hashtag contests on Instagram and Twitter and to Twitter Retweet contests. It also makes choosing a winner easy. Hashtag and Retweet entries are collected into your feed’s list where you can generate a winner with our Random Entry Selector.


Immediately reveal win after entry

Instant win contests notify entrants after form submission if they won. Increase engagement by encouraging non-winners to try their luck again and asking winners to share your contest with their friends.

Filter entries based on entrants’ answers

Only want to choose winners from people who have given a ‘correct’ answer? Use our Entries Manager to filter your submissions for a specific answer, then choose a winner from that new subsection of entrants. You can also filter by date of submission, country and so on.

Quickly choose contest winners

Select winners for Instagram and Facebook post comment contests

Looking to run a comment contest where people can enter by posting a comment or a Like? Import those entries to ShortStack, then use our Random Entry Selector to choose a winner. This option is especially helpful if you have lots of entries.

Email winners using scheduled emails

You’ve found your contest winners, but how do you contact them? Use our Email Marketing features to announce the winners of your contest and to contact entrants for remarketing purposes down the road.

Organize winners with labels

Labels are applied to winning entries after a random winner is chosen, which comes in handy when you need to reference this information for use later on. When using our Instant Win feature, winners and the prize they won are labeled to help you keep everything organized.

Make sure the best entry wins with multi-round voting

Big contests can have lots of votes spread across a large number of entries. When this happens, it can be hard to know if the entry with the most votes is the “best” entry. Our voting feature includes a multi-round voting option, where the top entries are selected to move to a second or third round of voting.

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