Cultivate loyalty and drive sales with coupon codes

Distribute unique codes to your customers for online or in-store redemption

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Distribute coupon codes immediately after entry or later on

Email unique coupon codes to your entrants. With our email marketing tools, you decide if you want to deliver codes to entrants via an autoresponder upon submitting a form or if you want to deliver them to your entire list at once using a scheduled email.

Track who received which code

Unique codes are automatically assigned to entries using our Prize Manager. View which code was assigned to which person on your list. You can even export your list as a CSV for use outside of ShortStack.

Manage prizes and view winners’ details

Use the codes that work best for you

Upload your own unique codes to our Prize Manager for distribution. This ensures they are compatible with your point-of-sale or other code-redemption platform.

Limit the number of coupon codes distributed

Have a limited number of coupon codes to give out? Limit the number of entries that will receive a code and set your form to automatically close when the limit is reached. Plus, add a message so visitors know that all codes have been distributed.

Try it for yourself

Fill out the form below to test this feature. You’ll receive your unique code via email after submission. Build your own with our template.

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