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Custom Design Services

ShortStack’s Custom Design Services team provides cost-effective, expert design. We offer professionally designed contests, forms and landing pages that we’ll customize for you, using your brand’s logo, images and other details. Businesses whose Campaigns require custom coding or other unique features will want to use our Premium services.

Our Custom Design Services are available for users on ShortStack Business Plans ($99/month) and above.

Simple: from $999

Best for collecting leads, growing email lists, and promoting events.

Choose from Sweepstakes, Sales Funnel, Email List Builder, User-Generated Content (UGC) Contest or Event Promotion.

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Sales Funnel
Email-List Builder
UGC Contest
Event Promotion Form
Ben Smith, Director of Social and Emerging Media at Callahan Creek

After 4+ years as a loyal customer and with dozens of promotions deployed, count me as a Shortstack fan! I appreciate Shortstack’s reliability and consistent platform innovation but most of all value the absolute commitment to customer and technical support and truly outstanding level of care consistently provided.”

– Ben Smith, Director of Social and Emerging Media at Callahan Creek

Advanced: from $2,499

Best for collecting and displaying user-generated content, increasing engagement through voting, and promoting products.

Choose from User-Generated Content Vote Contest, Product Promotion, Vote-to-Enter Contest, Choose Your Prize Contest or Guess the Score Contest.
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UGC Contest with Voting
Product Promotion Form
Vote to Enter Contest
Choose Your Prize Contest
Guess the Score Contest

Specialty: from $3,999

Best to encourage daily engagement and repeated Campaign visits

Choose from “What kind of ____ are you?” Quiz, Q&A Quiz, Multi-day Calendar, Hashtag Contest or Instagram Landing Page.
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Personality Quiz
Right and Wrong Quiz
Multi-day Calendar Giveaway
Hashtag Contest
Instagram Landing Page

Premium: from $4,999

Our Premium services include custom coding, strategy and promotion consultation, integration with applications you already use (such as email, CRM and social networks) and access to a dedicated account consultant.

Examples of Campaigns we’ve built for agencies and brands
BarkTHINS Location-based Campaign
Campaign Features:
ShortStack’s Visibility Widget lets you control where (and when) your Campaign is seen.

Our Share Widget incentivizes sharing and increases views, entries and engagement.

You can control which user-generated content is shown.

Star Olive Campaign
Campaign Features:
ShortStack implemented a tiered prize structure, increasing opportunities to collect valuable user data.

User-generated content campaigns boost engagement and conversions.

ShortStack’s Embed feature results in 83% more Campaign views and entries, and increased website traffic.

Tootsie Pop Campaign
Campaign Features:
ShortStack’s Action-Gating Widget lets you implement triggers to reveal content you want your users to see.

ShortStack’s designers have unique ideas that will help you meet your goals.

Prevent repeat entries using our Entry Restrictions settings.

Infinilast Campaign
Campaign Features:
Our Refer-a-Friend feature increases entries and reach of Campaigns.

Integrate Campaigns with MailChimp or other email platforms to build segmented lists.

ShortStack Campaigns are always mobile responsive.

Benefit Campaign
Campaign Features:
ShortStack allows you to moderate user-generated content.

Offer multiple ways to enter to gain extra entries.

Use our Visibility Widget to limit access to users in specific locations.

Celestial Moments Photo Campaign
Campaign Features:
Let users upload content from Instagram or a photo album.

Use our “Pick Random Entries” feature to choose a winner.

ShortStack offers unlimited data storage.

Premium level services include Strategy Consultation, Campaign Development, Promotion Planning, and a Dedicated Account Consultant.

Strategy Consultation

Meet ShortStack’s design and technical experts and learn how we can help you meet your goals. Whether you’re a small business owner, a big brand or an agency working with multiple clients, we’ll offer strategies for ways to execute multi-platform campaigns that engage and inspire – and bring you the kinds of data you want most.

Promotion Planning

Campaigns that are designed and built with sharing in mind are the most successful. We’ll work with you to create a promotion plan that takes advantage of your existing valuable resources, such as your email lists, website and social media channels. We can also suggest advertising, PR and content strategies.

Campaign Development

Our team will customize design and code functionalities to meet your unique needs. From integrations with applications you already use – such as email marketing platforms, CRM and social networks – to referral tracking and conditionally required form fields, we’ll make your vision a reality.

Dedicated Account Consultant

Your ShortStack account consultant will work with you to make sure your budget and timeline are met, and your project is executed as you expect.

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