Track what motivates your customers to act

Connect quickly and regularly

Use autoresponders and scheduled emails to connect with everyone who enters your contests and fills out your forms.

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Grow your list with engaged and excited followers
Learn what motivates your customers

Learn what motivates your customers

The data you collect will help you fine-tune the kinds of campaigns you run and the offers you send.

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Email Analytics Date Range

Date Range

Set a date range to see how your emails performed during specific time periods.

Email Analytics Scoreboard


See a snapshot of email performance including number of email sent, open rate, clicks and unsubscribes.

Email Analytics Sent

Number of Emails Sent

Keep tabs on how many emails you’re sending on a given day. This is especially valuable data if you’re sending autoresponders since you can track how many people submitted your form.

Email Analytics Open Rates

Open Rate

Monitor your overall open rate and unique open rate – and take note of the subject lines that appeal to your customers so you can fine tune the contents of the emails you send.

Email Analytics Clicks


Track the number of times individual links are clicked within an email, and track the total number of clicks per email.

Email Analytics Unsubscribes


Track the number of people who unsubscribe from your list so you can assess the content you’re sending and tailor it to appeal to your customers.