See real examples of marketing campaigns
you can build in minutes using ShortStack

Get user-generated content (UGC) on demand with photo contests

Make it a no-brainer for participants to enter your photo contest. Just ask them to post a photo and fill out a simple form. Then feature the UGC you collect and encourage voting with this easy-to-share contest.

Build your email list and keep your followers engaged with giveaways

Expose your brand to new customers and build your email marketing list. It’s as simple as picking a prize they value and offering an interactive way for them to participate in your giveaway. They will become fans for life.

“I knew using ShortStack would make setting up the giveaway entry form really easy. It took me less than 30 minutes to design and launch the app on my Facebook page.”

Kristina Allen, Lilypad Candles

Kristina Allen, Lilypad Candles

Entertain and engage with personality quizzes

Let your customers have a little fun. Ask them questions to reveal a personality outcome, but require them to submit their contact information before showing the results and you’ve got yourself another great, non-invasive way to collect leads.

Gather UGC and build trust with hashtag contests

Hashtag contests allow people to enter your contest simply by posting using your contest hashtag. ShortStack will gather all images, video, text and usernames, then you moderate and display the content, and use it in conjunction with our voting and sharing capabilities. The best part? People who participate in UGC campaigns are more likely to become customers.

Collect more leads with conversion-optimized landing pages

Create a smooth transition between your ads or emails and your promotions. Give your audience a seamless experience and collect the specific contact information you need with a form, then keep the conversation going with marketing automation.

Immediately reveal win after entry
Immediately reveal win after entry

Run instant win giveaways to immediately reveal winners after entry

Instant win contests notify entrants after form submission if they won. Give away more than one prize or distribute unique coupon codes to each winner with our Prize Manager. Increase engagement by encouraging non-winners to try their luck again and asking winners to share your contest with their friends.

“During the 31 days the giveaway was live, more than 83,000 people entered on Instagram and Twitter; an additional 23,000 entered via the form on the microsite. We far surpassed the benchmarks we’d set.”

Sarah Todd-Evans, Social Media Manager, CLIA Global

Sarah Todd-Evans, Social Media Manager, CLIA Global

Make your audience an offer they can’t refuse with coupons

Motivate people to purchase your product or service by giving them a discount, a free gift with purchase, or a code for free shipping. Collect valuable marketing data while you’re at it. They’ll always know when your next promotion will be and you’ll spread the word faster.

Spread the word with Refer-a-friend giveaways

Encourage your contest participants to spread the word by providing them with a unique referral link they can share. Your customers get bonus entries as a reward, you get more and more participants who know your brand as a result.

Educate your customers with knowledge quizzes

With knowledge quizzes, visitors answer a series of questions, then they submit their email address to reveal their score. This allows you to educate your audience on your products and services at the same time you are collecting leads.

Grow your list and promote your brand with newsletter sign ups

Help your customers stay in the loop on updates, events and announcements. Store their data and follow up with individual or bulk emails you can schedule and automate. All without leaving ShortStack and its built-in email marketing tools.

Collect comments as entries with comment-to-enter contests

Use ShortStack to instantly pull in all of the comments on your Instagram or Facebook posts. Entries include the commenter’s username, their comment and a link to the comment. Use our random entry selector to choose a contest winner.

Seamlessly connect with leads using ShortStack’s email marketing tools

There’s no need to integrate with a separate email marketing platform. Send emails to the leads you have collected from your ShortStack campaigns, all in one place. Send automated emails instantly when someone fills out your form, and schedule emails to send on a later date.

Stand out from the crowd with our holiday templates

Treat your customers to something special during the holidays. Try our holiday templates, such as the Multi-day Giveaway template, the Win Your Wishlist template or the Recipe Contest template. Plus, check out our holiday resources guide for more ideas and holiday inspiration.