Facebook Contests

Facebook contests and giveaways are always effective ways to connect with existing customers and to find new ones.

When you build a contest, giveaway or other marketing campaign using ShortStack, you can publish it as a Facebook app, as a landing page, and embed it on your website or blog, too. ShortStack campaigns are always mobile ready, and easy to access and enter from any device.

Facebook Contest App
Facebook App

Publish as a Facebook app

With ShortStack, you can publish campaigns directly to Facebook, as a landing page, or both (our recommendation).

Use voting and entry restrictions

Attract the customers you want and we’ll help reduce fraud and spam. When you use ShortStack’s entry restrictions feature, you decide if people can vote and/or enter one time, an unlimited number of times, a maximum number of times or a certain number of times every day.

Facebook Voting
Tom B., Camp Chef

During our 12-day giveaway we had 76,888 contest entries and collected 12,163 new email addresses. We also used ShortStack’s email autoresponder feature and had a 40% open rate – much higher than we normally see!!”

– Tom B., Camp Chef
Facebook Contest Share

Increase engagement with social media share buttons

Use ShortStack’s Share Widget so your fans can share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Of course you can also share and promote the link to your campaign in email, in your Instagram bio, and anywhere else you’d like.

Use our analytics tools to learn more about your audience

Gain valuable insights about who your audience is, when they’re most likely to engage with you, and where they’re located — all in real time.

Facebook Analytics