Manage your contest with our easy-to-use tools

View, filter and moderate entries, choose winners and export lists all in one place

View every entry in one place

Our Entries Manager makes managing and organizing entries simple by displaying all of your entries at once. See all the submissions to your contests and lead-collection campaigns without needing to open individual lists.

Easily export entries

Export entries via CSV files for use outside of ShortStack. ZIP files allow photo submissions to be exported in bulk.

Search for winning entries and export your list
Manage your entries and choose random winners

Select a random winner

Choose a random winner with a couple of clicks. Filter your entries (if you want), indicate an entry label (or not), and decide how many winners to pick, then let the random entry generator select your contest winners without bias.

Let users decide who wins with voting

Give people the ability to vote on their favorite entries. Voting contests encourage participants to share their entries (and your contest at the same time) which promotes user engagement with your brand. You also have the option to control how often people can vote.

Immediately reveal win after entry

Instant win contests notify entrants after form submission if they won. Increase engagement by encouraging non-winners to try their luck again and asking winners to share your contest with their friends.

Effortlessly moderate submissions

Prevent inappropriate content from showing in your voting contest or entry gallery by moderating entries. Choose which entries to display in your gallery. You can bulk approve to save time or look at each entry individually.

Build targeted lists and filter entries

Filter entries to see subsets of the data you collected. Use these segments to create targeted lists of subscribers you can email based on their date of entry submission, country, and so on.

Efficiently label entries

Use labels to help categorize your entries. Indicate contest winners, identify leads and prospects, designate specific groups/subsets (e.g. by client or project), and more.

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