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Captivate new audiences and re-engage existing customers with games

Our game templates let you entertain your visitors while collecting valuable data

Generate enthusiasm with a scratch and win giveaway

What is it about scratch-off lottery cards that makes them so much fun? Bring that same feeling of surprise to your next instant win contest with our Scratch and Win template. Entrants submit a form to receive their virtual scratch-off card, then scratch the card to see if they won.

Check out how we used a Scratch and Win campaign to see an 81% conversion rate for our instant win contest.

Let customers play their odds with a virtual slot machine giveaway

Looking for an attention-grabbing contest? Bring all the glitz and glam of Vegas to your next instant win contest with our branded Spin the Reels template. Entrants submit their email address to try their luck at winning a prize, while you sit back and watch the leads roll in.

Facebook status update promoting quiz

Capitalize on your customers’ interests with personality quizzes

Looking to generate leads with quality customer data? Our personality quiz lets you get to know your customers through a series of questions. Once people have invested in taking the quiz, they want to finish to learn their results. This allows you to ask questions that help you build robust customer profiles for your marketing purposes.

Explore how a global furniture brand collected over 175,000 leads with a personality quiz.

Put your visitors to the test with knowledge quizzes

Knowledge quizzes are ideal for any marketer who wants to provide their audience with a bit of entertainment while educating them about their products and services. Your customers will have fun testing their smarts, while you collect quality leads without running a contest. Win-win.

Solve the customer engagement problem with an online puzzle

The more time someone spends on your landing page, the more likely they are to remember your brand the next time they plan to make a purchase. Our puzzle template amplifies customer engagement, which extends the time customers spend on your landing page and boosts their exposure to your brand.

Gamify your data collection using one of our templates

Create virtual games for your online marketing in minutes with our templates.

Use an engaging, entertaining quiz to learn more about your audience’s interests.

*Template requires a paid plan.

Personality Quiz

Gamify your landing pages and offer instant gratification with a virtual spin the reels giveaway.

*Template requires a paid plan.

Spin the Reels

Gamify your landing pages and offer instant gratification with online scratch cards.

*Template requires a paid plan.

Scratch & Win Giveaway

Use a trivia quiz to engage or educate your customers while generating leads. Have visitors answer a series of questions, collect their email address and reveal their score.

*Template requires a paid plan.

Knowledge Quiz Giveaway

Gamify your landing pages and collect leads with an interactive picture puzzle.

*Template requires a paid plan.

Puzzle Game

Increase engagement, excitement and leads with an Instant Win Giveaway. ShortStack enables you to easily manage winners, prizes and entry restrictions.

*Template requires a paid plan.

Instant Win Giveaway

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