Streamline communications using our automation
and integration tools

Embed your campaigns directly on your website

Add ShortStack campaigns to any website that accepts an iFrame, including WordPress, Shopify, Wix and Squarespace, simply by copying and pasting the ShortStack-provided code.

Connect with your favorite email and CRM tools

Integrate directly with MailChimp or connect to another email or CRM service with our webhook option. Your entries will be added directly to your email marketing service provider, appointment scheduler, customer management software or whatever you want.

Turn contacts into customers

Don’t just use ShortStack to collect email addresses – turn those email addresses into customers with follow-up communications

Schedule an email for a future date, or set up an autoresponder to send an email immediately after an entry is collected in your form.

Use our tools to integrate content from around the web on your ShortStack campaigns

Use widgets to pull in content from popular services and display it on your campaign. Select the Video Widget to display YouTube and Vimeo videos, add an Instagram Widget to show your Instagram profile’s feed, include Google Analytics tracking code so you can measure your traffic, the list goes on.

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