Share ShortStack with your entire team

ShortStack for Teams allows you to add clients and coworkers to your account so together you can create campaigns, lists, media, custom templates, themes and monitor analytics.

Increase your crew’s efficiency with team member access

Get everyone involved

From designers to account executives to analysts to clients, engage the entire team in your marketing campaigns. Add “team members” to your account to allow coworkers to create content and clients to moderate and view analytics.


You remain in control

Account owners retain control of all assets, so you can grant your team members different levels of access to the content you and other members create. All the content your team creates remains in your possession, even if a team member moves to another assignment. You can revoke a member’s access and transfer asset ownership at any time.

Save time creating marketing campaigns

When all team members work on a client’s project concurrently, the process is more efficient and you can deliver the finished project sooner. Instead of doing it all yourself, you can allow a team member to build your campaign, another to review, and someone else to report campaign success–how you divvy up the tasks is up to you!

Easily organize your account

Manage and organize your team’s assets by tagging campaigns, lists, and other content by client, then assign members access to specific client files, as needed.

Pay for only one account

If you’d like to add team members to your account, sign up for our Agency Plan or higher to gain access to the feature. Add as many team members as needed for a low monthly fee. Our Brand Plan includes one account owner and five additional team members. You can also add unlimited “view only” members to any plan at no cost.

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