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Collect user-generated content (UGC) and generate excitement with photo, video and voting contests

UGC contests are an ideal way to connect with your customers, gain brand recognition and promote content people want to share

Generate UGC with giveaways and contests

Seventy-two percent of consumers will tell you their peers’ opinions influence their purchasing decisions far more than brands ever could, do, or will. ShortStack gives you powerful tools to collect genuine UGC using giveaways and contests. It’s easy.

Gather photos, emails and more

You decide what information to collect from entrants and we’ll store it for you. Allow participants to submit photos from any device, and request their email addresses to grow your marketing list. Need more data? Choose from a variety of fields to include in your form to gather the information you need.

Discover how a small-town radio station got 24 million views on a Mother’s Day giveaway.

Inspire personal connections with videos

Video contest entries take more time for your fans to create so they tend to be more personal than any other type of contest entry. Because of this, videos elicit an emotional response from those who create them and those who view them — they make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us smile. Leverage this emotional connection to create a contest with truly unique UGC your company can share later on.

Collect entries via hashtag or direct upload to a form

Do your customers love to post to social media? Allow them to submit photo and video entries by posting to Instagram or Twitter with a hashtag. Or, collect email leads when participants upload their photos or videos to a form to enter.

Let entrants create branded UGC they’ll want to share

Love taking photos with the face-in-a-hole cutout at your local orchard or sharing selfies with the doggie-face filter? So do your fans! Branded frames give your fans the opportunity to create images they love to share with their friends. This helps to raise brand awareness and attract even more visitors to your campaign. You can even send folks their submissions via email so they can save the images or share them far and wide!

Check out how we used branded frames in our National Pancake Day to collect over 2K entries.

Allow multiple images to be submitted

Sometimes one photo just isn’t enough to tell a story. Expand the types of contests you can run by giving entrants the option to submit multiple images. For example, allow participants to upload two images for before and after contests. Give folks a chance to submit three or more images for a visual storytelling contest or as a way to show off their sweet car detailing or home improvement project.

Encourage entrants to share entries

UGC contests lend themselves to sharing. People want to show off the photos and videos they put time and effort into. Provide entrants with unique entry URLs and enable options to allow them to share their entries on social media. Motivate further sharing by encouraging entrants to collect votes to win the contest.

Use voting to choose a winner or pick a random winner

Repeat visits by voters serve to increase awareness of your brand. Add voting to your contest and give voters the chance to help determine the winner. Don’t want to use voting? No problem! You can use our Random Entry Picker to choose a winner.

Monitor entries and curate galleries

Our Entries Manager makes managing and organizing UGC entries simple by displaying all of your entries at once. See all the submissions to your contests and lead-collection campaigns without needing to open individual lists. Use those entries to create beautiful, curated galleries for your campaign.

Set up your user-generated content campaigns with the help of our guides and templates

ShortStack templates assist you in quickly creating beautiful online marketing campaigns for your website or as standalone pages. Our guides are also a great resource for learning the ins and outs of building a campaign.

Step by Step Hashtag Contest Guide

Hashtag Guide

Getting Started with ShortStack

Getting Started

Increase audience engagement and collect user-generated content (UGC) with an easy-to-share contest.


Photo Contest

Allow entrants to tell a story with multi-image photo contests.

*Template requires a paid plan.

Multi-Photo Upload Contest

Collect user-generated content (UGC) and increase engagement with an easy-to-share story contest.


Story Contest

Encourage repeat visits with a multi-stage voting contest.


Multi-Stage Voting Contest

Encourage visitors to leave comments about their experience with your business.



Increase audience engagement and collect user-generated content (UGC) with an easy-to-share video contest.

*Template requires Agency Plan or above.

Video Upload Contest

Collect UGC (user-generated content) with a photo upload giveaway.


Photo Upload Giveaway

Collect UGC (user-generated content) and increase engagement. Once your subscribers post a recipe, ask them to share with their friends so they can vote, too.


Recipe Contest

Create an exclusive offer to share with your most loyal customers.

*Template requires Agency Plan or above.

Invite-Only Giveaway

Organize the UGC (user-generated content) and leads you collect into separate categories to build individual databases.


Category Vote Contest

Collect valuable UGC by asking contest participants to submit a TikTok video to enter.


Tik Tok Contest

Collect UGC (user generated content) from Instagram or Twitter and award extra chances to win by including an optional form.

*Template requires a paid plan.

Hashtag Contest + Form

Get started today!