Guide your consumers through the buying process with conversion funnels

Whether you’re looking to boost sales, grow your social media following, build your email list, or foster engagement, these complete sales funnels will help you reach your holiday marketing goals.


Collect valuable data and increase sales

Click-throughs are 100.95% higher in segmented email campaigns than in those that are non-segmented. Collect personalized product preferences through a strategic Win Your Wishlist campaign, then use that data to create segmented email lists so you can target buyers with the products they want. Here’s how:


Build a Win Your Wishlist Giveaway where participants select items from a gallery of products to create a personal wishlist.

When submitting their data, participants’ email addresses are collected. Make sure to include an email list opt-in in the form or an email autoresponder.

Once you’ve collected the data, use it to segment the participants into targeted lists.

Send tailored emails based on product preferences with discounts and other promotions.


Boost engagement and increase sales

There’s something about the holiday season that brings out the chef and baker in all of us. If you’re in the food industry, use this time to your advantage. A recipe contest is a great way to inspire others to use your products. Make it a win-win by collecting email addresses and sending an incentive to all participants, whether they win or not. Here’s how:


Execute a recipe contest in one of the following ways – allow users to submit recipes they made using your products or invite participants to vote on their favorite recipes that are made using your products.

Whether you’re collecting recipes or just collecting votes, be sure to ask for an email address and email list opt-in.

Send an email to the entrants to announce the winning recipe and include a coupon they can use toward their next purchase.


Collect user-generated content (UGC) and boost brand awareness

Hashtag contests are fun, simple to enter and provide an invaluable source of UGC for your business. Don’t let your hashtag contest fall short of getting you all of the marketing benefits it has the potential to collect. Make sure to collect content, email addresses, and user data so you can keep the conversation going with your followers long after the holidays are over.


Start by building a hashtag feed to collect posts that include a specific hashtag.

Set up a landing page to display the collected entries.

Offer participants an extra chance to win if they fill out an entry form on the campaign’s landing page. Make sure and collect their email address so you can build your email list with these bonus entries.

Get permission with rights management tools to use the submitted UGC in future marketing.

Send out a follow-up email announcing the winner of the giveaway. Also, invite participants to follow you at a specific hashtag to learn about future contests and promotions.


Collect valuable data and encourage repeat visitors

Encourage participants to enter your multi-day calendar giveaway by giving away a different prize each day. Spanning the contest over multiple days and giving away several prizes keeps participants coming back frequently to see if they’ve won. Like the Win Your Wishlist giveaway, you’ll also get insight into the products and services your audience loves so you know how to market to them in the future.

Create a Giveaway Calendar. You can stick to the default 12 days or make it as long as you like – even for an entire month.

Assign a data-collecting form and prize to each day.

Set up follow-up emails that are sent 24 hours after each day is revealed. In each email, announce the winner for the previous day’s prize and include a reminder to enter to win today’s.

Send a scheduled email after the entire giveaway is completed and announce a grand prize winner. Include a coupon code so any of the prizes can be purchased at a discount as a consolation for those who didn’t win.


Grow your social media following and collect leads

Incentivize actions such as a follow on Instagram or a subscribe on YouTube. Not only will you boost your following before the holidays hit, but when you collect each new follower’s email, you’ll be able to keep the conversation going and convert followers into customers.

Build a Points for Actions giveaway in which you collect participant info and offer extra chances to win for every “action” taken. For example, ask for a follow on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profile, a subscribe on YouTube and a visit to your website.

Offer an incentive like a free product sample to those who complete all the actions. If you asked for follows or subscribes on social media, this freebie will help them engage with your business, ensuring they don’t unfollow you at their first opportunity.

Make sure you keep your social media content fresh. Post new videos, Instagram stories, tweets, etc. on a regular basis. This will attract a strong, engaged audience.


Foster excitement and collect leads

Attract more participants with an instant win giveaway by letting them know if they’ve won, immediately. Offer multiple prizes throughout the giveaway and a grand prize at the end to maximize your participant’s engagement and keep excitement levels high.

Set up an Instant Win Giveaway. Indicate the number of days your giveaway will run as well as the number of prizes that will be distributed throughout the span of the contest.

Send an email to non-winners with a special discount code that can be used in an online store.

After the giveaway is over, send an email to all participants announcing a grand prize winner. Hold their interest by hinting that another giveaway is just around the corner.

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