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Full customization at your fingertips

Create interactive landing pages for contests, giveaways, quizzes and more for all your brands and clients. Use our built-in tools and templates, add your own HTML and JavaScript, or paste in code from third-party services like Google Analytics, Facebook and more. Fully customize your client’s landing pages with our easy-to-use Style Panel and CSS Editor.

Ability to use a custom domain

Nobody needs to know you’re using ShortStack

Remove all the ShortStack branding from your landing pages with our white label options. Boost the discoverability of your landing pages and promote your customer’s brand with custom URLs. Your clients will never know you’re using ShortStack.

Save time with custom templates and themes

Implement your client’s brand guidelines and apply them to future landing pages with our custom theme and landing page features. Simply save your work so you can reuse it for your client’s next marketing campaigns.

Let everyone participate – from designers to developers to clients

Get the whole team involved in building landing pages and emails, running social contests, monitoring entries and analyzing campaign performance with ShortStack for Teams. Each member has their own ShortStack account so you don’t need to share passwords. Plus, you decide who has access to what content.

One account for all your clients’ marketing campaigns

Store all your work for all your clients under one account. Send marketing emails from different brands by setting up separate company profiles. Make managing your account simple by using tags to organize your projects by client.

Social media contests made simple

Run hashtag and comment to enter contests all with the click of a few buttons. After the contest is over, contact entrants and receive explicit consent to use their user-generated content using our Rights Management tools.

Integrate and automate communications

Connect your lists to your favorite CRM and email marketing tools with our webhooks tool. Follow up with customers by sending them autoresponders and scheduled emails. Pull content from your client’s social channels (e.g. YouTube videos and Instagram feed) to display on their campaigns.


Track campaign performance

See how people interact with your landing pages and emails in real time. Make adjustments to active campaigns and plan your future marketing based on what you’re seeing. Want a little more information? Not a problem. You can drop in third party pixels to get the data you need.

We’re here to help you get it done

We know how important well-executed marketing campaigns are to the success of your agency. Need a little extra help? Our team of experts provides custom design services, moderation assistance and rules creation. Set up a call with our sales team to learn more.

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