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Make your booth stand out

Asking customers to write their name and email on a piece of paper or dropping their business card into a fishbowl is…boring. Spice things up with a digital giveaway! Create an online entry form that people can fill out by visiting a URL or scanning a QR code on their phones or a device you provide. As a bonus, all the data you collect is in one easy-to-access and downloadable list so you can take the manual work out of adding to your email list.

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Learn about your prospects

Want to collect more data about your visitors? Digital giveaways and lead generation forms are your best bet. You can choose what information you want folks to provide in order to enter your contest, are offered swag, or gain access to your discount. The data you compile will help you better get to know your prospects and allow you to pursue those hot leads.

Collect the data that’s most relevant to you
Acme Cameras' Autoresponder For Follow-up Sequence

“Talk” to more customers

You can’t possibly talk to everyone who visits your booth; however, this doesn’t mean they can’t learn about your business. Encourage them to enter your contest or sign up for mailing lists, then send autoresponder and follow up emails to help them get all of the information they need about why your company is the best.

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Save time and money

Don’t have the time to learn and manage a bunch of different marketing platforms or the desire to pay for each one? You don’t have to! ShortStack allows you to create contests, landing pages, giveaways and emails all from one platform. You can collect leads then turn around and send marketing emails to that list. Plus, our awesome templates, rockstar support team, videos and in-depth documentation allow you to quickly create marketing campaigns that fit your brand.

Break through the noise with one-of-a-kind landing pages and contests that grab your customers’ attention.

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