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Spread the wealth with a giveaway

Want to expand your customer base? Try a giveaway! Giveaways are simple to enter, and they allow you to quickly build a list of potential clients who will move along your sales funnel. ShortStack offers easy-to-use templates to create your giveaway, plus simple tools for managing your entries and choosing a winner.

Use quizzes to qualify leads

Quizzes are a powerful and low-cost tool for generating leads and collecting valuable information. Knowledge quizzes allow you to discover what prospects know about various topics, such as planning for retirement or buying a house. Likewise, personality quizzes help you gather information about the financial situation of the quiz-taker in a way that’s fun . ShortStack’s easy-to-use templates help you create quizzes in no time.

Downloadable Content Template with Double Opt-in Email

Provide free resources in exchange for an email

Show off your expertise while building your list. Offer free downloadable resources, whitepapers and investment tips in exchange for a name and email address. Alternatively, encourage people to sign up for a free one-on-one meeting, a portfolio review or financial planning lesson. ShortStack offers customizable form-based landing pages that help you get your lead generation campaigns off the ground quickly.

Use emails and autoresponders to follow up and stay in touch

Communication is key to building strong bonds with your audience. Use autoresponders and follow-up emails to start a conversation that allows people on your list to interact with staff. These email interactions will set you apart from your competitors. Plus, they allow you to further gauge a prospect’s interest on opening an account.

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