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Create excitement while collecting UGC

Everyone who uses your product or method loves the results so why not let them show it off? A progress photo contest can be a great way to show off the real-world effects of your offerings from real people who use them. Photo and hashtag contests allow you to collect valuable user-generated content, and provide the social proof other people need to jump on board.

Grow your list of leads

Are you releasing a new product, offering a special discount, or rolling out a new concept that will help give people some additional confidence or ideas to conquer their goals? Whatever the case may be, use these situations as an incentive to capture leads. Encourage people to sign up to be the first to know when your product hits the shelves. Make your special offer only available to people who are on your mailing list or tell fans to sign up for your digital newsletter for the inside scoop on your business.

Collect the data that’s most relevant to you

Let your customers have a say

It’s never a bad idea to gather feedback from your customers, but take it to the next level by showing them you’re actually listening. Use ShortStack voting contests to get customers’ input on the new colors of your swag, what products to stock at the front desk, or which services you’ll offer next. Better yet, give them a chance to win what they’re voting on or allow them to lend a hand when you reveal the results.

Manage your leads from one place

With Shortstack lists, you can easily organize the leads you’ve gathered across all the campaigns you’ve run. This makes it especially easy to follow up with people based on the contests they have entered or the email lists they’ve signed up for. Segmenting your lists allows you to send follow-up emails that are more personalized rather than a cookie-cutter email that goes out to everyone.

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