Enhance your nonprofit’s connection to the community

Engage with the community and grow the support your organization receives

Get folks excited about your cause

Your donors and volunteers want recognition for their good deeds, so give them an opportunity to show off their generosity. Running a photo contest is the perfect way to reward the people who sustain your organization. Allow volunteers to submit pictures of themselves donating their time and have them collect votes to win or have them post their images with a branded hashtag on Instagram. Either way, you’ll boost brand awareness while having a bit of fun.

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Grow your list of volunteers

Have an upcoming volunteer opportunity? Ask folks to register to attend via an online form. Use a standalone landing page or embed ShortStack sign-up forms on your website to grow your list of participants for future events. Creating a single place for information on volunteer opportunities gives folks in your community an easy way to register to participate in upcoming events.

Keep your faithful informed

Keeping your volunteers and donors informed makes sure your organization is on their minds, which leads to long-term loyalty and support. Utilize our scheduled emails feature to keep those on your email list updated on upcoming events, activities, donation drives, and stories of how your organization is bettering the community at large.

Show donors the difference they’re making

Your benefactors love to see how your organization uses the money they gave. Send an email to donors to show them how your organization spent the money from your most recent donation drive or create a hashtag gallery of projects completed due to particularly generous gifts. Likewise, use photo galleries to tell a story of the people your organization touches and the needs that must still be met within your community. These human-centric campaigns can drive even more dollars through the door.

Boost your social media presence

Your patrons and volunteers spend a lot of their free time on social media, so make sure your organization has a presence there, too! Use a contest to make sure the people in your community are also followers. A Points for Actions campaign can encourage people to become your followers on social media in exchange for extra entries into a contest. Increase Instagram and TikTok page visits, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers or whatever metric your team believes leads to more donations and volunteers.

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