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Everything restaurants need to  get more customers

Drive new people through the door and bond with your regulars

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Create hype around your menu

Have fun sharing your menu with your customers. Hold contests where in exchange for their email, participants vote on their favorite meals, a new menu item or which dish they want you to reveal the recipe for. Use the emails you collect to share the latest menu and customer favorites.

Vote to Enter Template
Check out our blog post, 5 Contest Ideas for Restaurants, for more contest inspiration!

Send rewards and special offers

Contest participants are interested in your restaurant, and sending them targeted emails is the perfect way to invite them to make their first visit. Use autoresponders and scheduled emails to send coupons and reward discounts to entrants.

Make your customers feel like part of the team

Since your regulars are already part of the “family,” host a recipe contest to have their idea featured on your menu (and maybe name it after them). Share a recipe, then challenge your fans to recreate the dish at home and submit their entries.

Engage with customers on Instagram and Twitter

Your fans love your food, so let them show it off for you! Ask your customers to post food and drinks from your business to Twitter and Instagram using your branded hashtags to be featured in a gallery or for the chance to win a prize. Their friends are sure to see those crave-worthy shots, then make their way through your doors.

Leverage your contest entries

Contest entries that include email addresses are valuable, so don’t let these new leads go to waste. Instead, ask participants to subscribe to your mailing list! Keep your subscribers updated on the latest specials, menu changes, events, contests and news.


Get started with one of our templates

Our templates are simple to update to complement your brand. Just update images, the entry form and text to make it your own, then add your rules and voilà — you’re ready to publish.

Collect UGC (user-generated content) and increase engagement. Once your subscribers post a recipe, ask them to share with their friends so they can vote, too.


Recipe Contest

Funnel customers from a specific source – email, social media, digital ads or even direct mail – to a web page with a narrow focus.


Subscribe Form

Increase audience engagement and collect user-generated content (UGC) with an easy-to-share contest.


Photo Contest

Attract new customers, boost brand awareness, and increase engagement.


Vote to Enter

Offer exclusive discount and collect email addresses.


Reveal Hidden Discount

Create an exclusive offer to share with your most loyal customers.

*Template requires Agency Plan or above.

Invite-Only Giveaway

Distribute unique coupon codes so you can track the success of your marketing efforts.

*Template requires Agency Plan or above.

Unique Coupon Codes

Boost brand awareness and have your customers help introduce your business to a new audience.

*Template requires a paid plan.

Refer-a-Friend Giveaway

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