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Let visitors’ user-generated content (UGC) “sell” your destination for you

Social media and FOMO go hand in hand, especially when it comes to travel. Encourage travelers to visit your destination to help fuel both their followers’ and your audience’s FOMO with UGC campaigns. Host a hashtag contest or a photo contest aimed at gathering UGC to share across your social media channels, to make a gallery for your website or to use other marketing pushes.

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Gather qualified leads with a contest

For travel-related companies, building a list of potential tourists by running a contest is super easy. All you need to do is give away a trip to your destination and the qualified leads will start rolling in. ShortStack makes it simple to manage those entries, choose a winner and send follow-up emails with discount coupon codes, promotional material and more.

Collect the data that’s most relevant to you

Learn more about visitors

Want to learn more about your leads? Just ask! Use a personality quiz to get to know your audience or award extra points when contestants fill out optional fields in your giveaways or contests. Extra information can help you understand the type of travelers you’re dealing with, what types of vacations they’re interested in and how they choose their next adventure.

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Give yourself more time to kick back and relax

You and your team work tirelessly to help folks take amazing vacations. But what about you? Save time by using our templates to easily create lead generation and brand awareness campaigns so you can take time off too. The ability to add team members to your account lets you easily hand off your projects while you’re recharging your batteries.

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