TV networks and radio stations use ShortStack to boost their broadcasts

Learn who is tuning in and keep them coming back to your station with contests, social media campaigns and more

Make people pay attention with secret codes

Your viewers and listeners are busy! Get their attention with a giveaway that requires a secret code to enter. During your broadcast, mention the secret code (make it a word they can remember) and tell them to visit the contest on your website to enter. ShortStack only accepts entries from the people who submit the correct code.

Use quizzes to gather data

Quizzes are a powerful and low-cost tool for generating leads and collecting valuable data. Use a knowledge quiz to test folks about a topic you’ve been discussing on your broadcast, then award top quiz-takers with a prize (or just bragging rights). Use a personality quiz, like “Which diva are you” or “What TV show best fits your personality” to engage fans of your station.

Manage multiple stations from one account

Get the marketing team at each location involved in your marketing campaigns. Add team members to your account to allow coworkers to create content, moderate entries and view analytics. Account owners control what permissions to assign and all the content your team creates remains in your possession, even if a team member moves on to another assignment.

Save time with templates

ShortStack’s easy-to-use templates help you create online marketing campaigns quickly. Use our styling options to customize the templates we provide to fit your brand. You can even create your own templates and themes to use over and over again. These time-saving features streamline the campaign creation process and leave you more hours in the day for other projects.

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