Entry moderation can be time consuming. Let us do it for you.

ShortStack’s Entries Manager is designed to make entry moderation and management easy, but when you are short on time and resources, our team can do the work for you. With our moderation services, you can have peace-of-mind knowing our team of real-life humans is checking every entry to make sure it fits the entry criteria for your contest.

How we work with you

Before your contest begins, our team works with you to determine the entry criteria for your contest based on the type of contest you wish to run and how entries will be collected. We also use a standard set of criteria for moderation that will weed out entries that include violence, pornography, racism, and any other unacceptable or intolerable content. As your contest progresses, we touch base with you weekly to review the current status of your project.

What our team of moderators does

Our team of moderators will review entries collected via ShortStack from Instagram or a form within 24 hours* of submission. Entrants can submit images, gifs, videos or essays to your contest. We’ll approve entries that meet your criteria, but our team will not choose a winner; choosing a winner is up to you.

*The amount of time needed for our team to review each entry may be changed based on the final contract.

What it costs

Every job is unique. We charge an initial lump sum for the first 5,000 entries collected and the cost of each additional entry is based on the your moderation criteria and the type(s) of entries to be reviewed.

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