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Collect user-generated content (UGC) and increase brand awareness at the same time

Our branded photo frames feature allows entrants to dress up their photo submissions with frames and other content you provide.

Gather UGC you can actually use

Photo contests are a lot of fun. However, oftentimes many of the images you collect beyond those that win prizes can be a bit blah. With our branded photo frames, entrants use your designs to beautify their images. This can be anything from a traditional photo frame to a face-in-a-hole image to content they can layer over their images (think sunglasses, silly noses or hats).

Create fun images entrants want to share

Love taking photos with the face-in-a-hole cutout at your local orchard or sharing selfies with the doggie-face filter? So do your fans! Branded frames give your fans the opportunity to create images they love to share with their friends. This helps to raise brand awareness and attract even more visitors to your campaign. You can even send folks their submissions via email so they can save the images or share them far and wide!

Collect UGC with no need for a prize incentive

Looking to generate leads or collect UGC without a contest? Adding a creative design to a frame can be all the incentive someone needs to submit their information to your form. Maybe you give folks an opportunity to see their face on your iconic bottle or see what they’d look like with cat ears. Whatever it is, make it fun! If your frames are entertaining for your audience and fit your brand, then your fans will be sure to check them out.

Customer Success Story

Check out how we used branded frames in our National Pancake Day to collect over 2K entries.

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