Entertain your fans and collect valuable data with personality and knowledge quizzes

Build your lists and learn about your customers without running a contest

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Don’t spend your valuable time trying to set up a quiz. Our Personality Quiz and Knowledge Quiz templates are customizable and don’t require any coding. With our easy-to-use quiz wizards, you simply add your questions, answers and outcomes. Then, style your quiz so it fits your brand and you’re ready to publish!

Capture your customers’ attention

Personality and knowledge quizzes are built to engross the quiz-taker for a few minutes. Once people have invested in taking the quiz, they want to finish to learn their results. Quizzes are ideal for any marketer who wants to provide their audience with a bit of entertainment while educating them about their products and services.

Generate leads without running a contest

Even though quizzes are mainly for fun, your business can still use them as an opportunity to collect valuable customer data. Require your quiz-takers to fill out a form to see their results. When you do this, our templates also collect the answers quiz-takers chose for each question and their quiz outcome, allowing you to learn more about what interests your customers.

Create buzz with shareable results

Whether someone scored 100% on a knowledge quiz or a personality quiz generated a result that is spot on (or completely off base), folks love sharing their quiz outcomes. Our templates make it easy for quiz-takers to share their results to popular platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, with messages that encourage their friends to take the quiz, too.

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Choose one of our templates to begin building a quiz to collect leads and customer preferences so you can offer quiz takers something valuable in return.

Use an engaging, entertaining quiz to learn more about your audience’s interests.

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Personality Quiz

Use a trivia quiz to engage or educate your customers while generating leads. Have visitors answer a series of questions, collect their email address and reveal their score.

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Knowledge Quiz Giveaway

Customer Success Story

Explore how a global furniture brand collected over 175,000 leads with a personality quiz.

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