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User-generated content campaigns (such as Twitter hashtag contests) can deliver a wealth of photos, videos and product reviews from your customers and brand ambassadors. Use ShortStack’s rights management tool to get explicit permission to use that content.

Instagram and Twitter Feeds


On Twitter, ShortStack’s rights management tool monitors one or more hashtags you specify and collects the posts that contain those hashtags.

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Rights Management


When you see content on Twitter you’d like permission to use, ShortStack leaves the poster a comment asking for their consent. When they reply “yes,” ShortStack detects the reply and notifies you that you’re free to use the content.

For example: “We love your photo! We’d like to share it on our website and social channels. To give us permission, please reply with “#yesyoucan.”

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We have done our due diligence over the years and researched other, similar products and have yet to discover a better platform for our purposes and one that continues to evolve within the space.”

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Now that you have a record of the communication and explicit permission to use the content, take advantage of this user-generated content for all of your marketing efforts.

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