Run contests. Collect leads. Send emails. All from one place.

Run contests. Collect leads. Send emails. All from one place.

Create contests, giveaways, quizzes, landing pages and more. No coding required.

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Run contests. Collect leads. Send emails. All from one place.

One platform is all you need to: [typed string0=”Run contests” string1=”Collect leads” string2=”Gather UGC” string3=”Send emails” string4=”Increase sales” string5=”Boost interactions” typeSpeed=”40″ startDelay=”2000″ backSpeed=”40″ backDelay=”1500″ loopCount=”10″ loop=”1″]

Run contests

Build beautiful interactive contests, giveaways, quizzes and landing pages in a snap.

Collect leads

Obtain customer information with your campaigns and get to know your customers better than they know themselves.

Send emails

Keep in touch with your customers by sending autoresponders, scheduled emails and drip campaigns.

Boost interactions

Boost interactions

Get the conversation started with comment and hashtag contests to promote engagement. Use refer-a-friend and instant win contests to increase sharing.

Gather UGC

Incentivize customers to share content they create and collect it using hashtags and forms.

Increase sales

Highlight your products or services, embed campaigns on your website and follow up with leads, all in one place.

The marketing tools you need to meet your goals

Grow email lists full of valuable leads quickly with giveaways.


Create excitement and generate leads with photo, video.


Entertain and engage customers while collecting leads with quizzes.


Collect leads and valuable information via customizable forms.


Collect user-generated content and recruit brand ambassadors.


Award prizes or distribute unique coupon codes to winners immediately after entry.

Instant Win

Increase contest visibility, award extra points and grow your lists.


Collect comment entries from Instagram or Facebook and randomly choose winners.

Comment Contests

Award bonus points when entrants perform specific actions.

Points for Actions

View, filter and moderate entries, choose winners and export lists all in one place.

Entry Management

Engage leads using autoresponders, scheduled emails and drip campaigns.


Add team members who can help create campaigns, manage databases, and monitor analytics.

Team Collaboration

Monitor campaign and email performance, including views, shares, clicks, opens and more.


Display campaigns on any website you control, either inline or as popups.


Promote your brand, increase customer trust and improve SEO with a custom domain.

Custom Domains

Be where your customers are: [typed string0=”Mobile” string1=”Social Media” string2=”Websites” string3=”Desktop” string4=”Email” string5=”Landing Pages” typeSpeed=”40″ startDelay=”2000″ backSpeed=”40″ backDelay=”1500″ loopCount=”10″ loop=”1″]


Embed your campaigns to any website you control.

Landing Pages

Drive users to standalone landing pages for easy lead collection and customization


Create responsive campaigns for mobile devices.

Social Media

Engage customers on social media through hashtag contests and comment contests.


Send autoresponder, scheduled and follow-up emails to the leads you collect with ShortStack campaigns.

Collect leads and UGC from around the web

ShortStack makes it easy to grow your lists and engage your customers. Collect leads via forms on your website and landing pages. Gather UGC from Instagram and Twitter via hashtags, plus pull in comments as entries from your status updates on Instagram and Facebook.

Make your leads work for you

Get the most out of your promotions by using integrated campaign and email analytics. Receive real-time insights on traffic sources, views, shares, open rates and conversions.

Use this data to boost your results even before your campaign is over by sending scheduled and follow-up emails to your marketing lists. All without leaving your ShortStack account.

Do more with the services you already have

Send leads you collect from promotions and contests directly to your database or other CRM tools.