6 Exceptional Examples on Twitter of Companies Spreading Kindness on Giving Tuesday

This content highlights six examples of brands that gave back on Giving Tuesday and shared their good deeds on Twitter.

By Jane Vance ・3 min read
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Twitter is all about community. While this might also be true of other social media platforms, the fast-paced nature of Twitter facilitates more frequent interactions with followers. The interactions can help build a real relationship formed between brands and their followers. That’s why, when brands do something good, especially on days like Giving Tuesday, they want to share with their followers, or should I say friends, on Twitter.I found six examples of brands who gave back on Giving Tuesday and shared these good deeds with their followers on Twitter. These examples show how brands and their followers can work together to do something big to help others. At the end, I also share an idea of how you could work with your followers to give to a worthy cause.

Grubhub x World Central Kitchen

#GivingTuesday Tweet from GrubhubGrubhub is an online food ordering and delivery service, so it’s only natural they would team up with organizations focused on alleviating food insecurity. Grubhub tweeted about the “Plating Change” partnership with World Central Kitchen and Marcus Lemonis.For this partnership, Marcus Lemonis purchased from independent restaurants and Grubhub delivered those meals to food-insecure communities. Grubhub users were also given the opportunity to get involved by rounding up their order totals and donating the extra money to World Central Kitchen to purchase meals for someone in need.

T-Mobile x Feeding America

#GivingTuesday Tweet from T-MobileT-Mobile chose Feeding America as their charity of choice for Giving Tuesday. They pledged to donate 100 meals for every tweet that included the hashtag #CaptureKindness. T-Mobile pledged to donate a minimum of $100K. For every $1 donated, Feeding America could provide 10 meals.

TIP: Use ShortStack to collect tweets that include your branded hashtag. Learn more.

MSNBC x Boys and Girls Club x Gap

#GivingTuesday Tweet from MSNBC, Gap and Boys and Girls ClubMSNBC’s Steve Kornacki was a big deal in 2020. He’s not only known for the enthusiastic and informative election coverage he provided for days on end, but also for wearing Gap khakis. As a fun Giving Tuesday twist, Steve Kornacki announced that Gap was donating 500 pairs of khakis to the Boys and Girls Club.

United Airlines x Miles on a Mission

#GivingTuesday Tweet from United AirlinesUnited Airlines used Giving Tuesday to promote their Miles on a Mission program. Miles on a Mission allows United’s MileagePlus members to donate the miles to a wide variety of charities. To raise awareness for their campaign, United teamed up with Brian Kelly, founder of The Points Guy, a well-known blog for travelers.On Giving Tuesday, United pledged to match members’ donations of up to 5 million miles. Miles weren’t only used for travel, they were also used to provide monetary donations to organizations. Many of the organizations met their goals for Giving Tuesday, making this campaign a success.

Fender x Fender Play Foundation x Boys and Girls Club

#GivingTuesday Tweet from FenderFender, the company probably best known for its guitars and amps, chose to promote their Fender Play Foundation for Giving Tuesday 2020. The Fender Play Foundation’s mission is to equip young people with stringed instruments (mainly guitars), then educate and inspire them to play. They used Twitter to announce that all Giving Tuesday donations would benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles.

Robert Downey Jr. x No Kid Hungry

#GivingTuesday Tweet from Robert Downey Jr.A little star power can go a long way when promoting a charity, and Robert Downey Jr. knows this. He chose to support No Kid Hungry by tweeting that he would be donating to it for Giving Tuesday 2020. Along with announcing his intention to donate, he encouraged his followers to do so as well.Tweeting to his audience of 16.6 million followers is great brand awareness for No Kid Hungry, and seeing one of their favorite actors support a cause likely encouraged a number of fans to donate to the cause.

IDEA: Spread the word with a Retweet campaign

Looking to support a charity this Giving Tuesday and want to get your audience involved? Try a Retweet campaign. Pledge to donate a set amount for every Retweet of your message (you can place a cap on the total donation amount).Be sure to tag the organization you plan to donate to, so they can get their followers involved as well. Use ShortStack to track the Retweets so you know exactly how many there were and how much money you will be giving. Learn more.There are so many worthy causes, and Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to support them. Sharing your goodwill via the fast-paced environment of Twitter is a great way to engage your audience while spreading the word about a mission your organization cares about.

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By Jane Vance ・3 min read

Jane has over a decade of martech experience, with an emphasis in content marketing, UX, and customer success. Her combined skillset and years of hands-on experience make her a valuable player in the industry. In her free time, Jane loves quiet family dinners at home and a good book.

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