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Embed on your site without a developer

Your website is your sales hub. Add contests, forms, videos and other content directly to any page on your site, or display it in a pop-up. Embed continuous lead collection contests and special offer landing pages to grow your lists.

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Run hashtag contests and comment-to-enter sweepstakes

Social media contests should be simple. Encourage sharing on Instagram and Twitter with our hashtag contests or engage your followers using our comment-to-enter contests.

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Build no-hassle standalone landing pages and mini websites

We give you the power and flexibility to create a customized web presence that fits your brand. Plus, you can use your own domain or ours.

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Distribute unique offer codes to your customers

Use coupon codes to drive people through your (virtual) doors. Send codes via email, offer them as prizes in an instant win contest or dole them out to everyone who fills out a form.

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Built with our Unique Coupon Code template

Wow your customers with games

Make your contests memorable with games. Challenge visitors with a puzzle or knowledge quiz. Provide instant gratification with spin the reels, scratch and win and instant win contests. Capture leads without giving away a prize using a personality quiz that reveals a shareable result.

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Personality Quiz

Built with our Personality Quiz template.

Collect UGC and increase time on site

Captivate your visitors with photo and video contests that ask them to think about their submissions (and your brand) before they submit. Use voting to help determine a winner, and expose participants’ friends and families to your brand.

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Built with our Photo Contest template

Validate codes before prizes and discounts can be redeemed

Only allow those with a valid code to enter and win. You choose the codes that work best for you; either a single code that everyone submits or a unique mix of numbers and letters.

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Built with our Unique Coupon Code template

Analyze your performance

Learn how people interact with your landing pages and emails using our real-time analytics. Gain further insights by adding tracking pixels from your favorite services, like Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Adwords and more.


Brands across the globe trust ShortStack for their biggest contests

Our customers count on us. ShortStack boasts a 99.99% uptime, giving you peace of mind that your contests will be accessible when you need them to be. Your data is housed in facilities that meet or exceed ISO 9000 standards. Plus, we’re committed to data privacy and comply with data privacy laws, including the GDPR, CCPA and more.

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Customer Success Stories

Read how Victory Brewing Company collected over 235k leads with a single 10-month contest.
See how ROOLEE, a women’s clothing brand, promoted their anniversary sale with an Instagram comment to enter contest.
“After seeing how successful quizzes are – we have begun adding an engaging component (such as a quiz) to each campaign we launch to increase engagement, brand awareness, and continue to grow our subscriber list.”

Epiphany Ciers, Timbuktu Labs
“This contest provided us with a chance to really connect with listeners.”

Kelli Frieler, Executive Director of Digital at Leighton Broadcasting
“We looked at several platforms and ShortStack was able to give us what we needed.”

Devon Chulik, Product manager at Chubbies

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