7 Instagram Contest and Giveaway Templates

ShortStack offers customizable Instagram contest and giveaway templates to help small businesses and marketers save time and boost engagement.

By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・5 min read
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Whether you’re a small business owner or a professional marketer building content for clients, the word “template” can be music to your ears. We’re all busy, and when time is money, anything to save us time can really help us boost that bottom line.As you may know, contests and giveaways are awesome tools for boosting engagement, and helping us to generate leads. Whether you need to get a contest live in a pinch, want to free yourself up to work on some other pressing responsibilities, or even if you just want to spend your day rewatching Game of Thrones (we don’t judge), check out ShortStack’s Instagram-related contest and giveaway templates.These templates are professionally designed, 100% customizable, mobile responsive and built to help you get an Instagram-related contest or giveaway off the ground in record time.

Hashtag Feed Giveaway

In this popular giveaway, designate one or more hashtags for participants to use with posts on Instagram. With the required hashtag included in their post, you can set it up so they are automatically pulled into a feed which can be displayed in a gallery on a landing page or embedded in your website. From these entries, choose a winner (or winners) at random.

ShortsStack's Instagram Hashtag Feed templateView and Create Your Own

Benefits of the Hashtag Giveaway

In a hashtag giveaway, the hashtagged posts will help boost your brand’s discoverability on Instagram as well as provide you with some quality UGC (user-generated content) you can use for further marketing down the road. As a bonus, the hashtag feed pulls in entries automatically so selecting a winner couldn’t be easier.

Hashtag Giveaway + Form

As with the Hashtag Feed Giveaway, this template lets participants use one or more hashtags in a post to collect entries on Instagram. The entries will be automatically pulled into the feed you’ve set up and can be displayed in a gallery within a landing page or embedded on your website.This giveaway is similar to a Hashtag Feed Giveaway with a little something extra - drive participants to a landing page to collect a “bonus entry” via an entry form displayed on the page.

ShortStack's Hashtag Feed + Form templateView and Create Your Own

Benefits of the Hashtag Giveaway + Form

With this giveaway, you get all of the same benefits of the Hashtag Feed Giveaway - brand discoverability, a collection of quality UGC to use for further marketing as well as the ease of selecting a winner (or winners) from your automated feed of collected entries - with a form as an added bonus. The entry form will collect data, such as an email address, that will help you keep in touch with participants and convert them into customers.

Hashtag Vote Contest

This template also uses a feed to pull in entries that include a hashtag. The cool part about this template is the voting mechanism enabled on the gallery of entries. Participants will be tasked with earning their prize by raising votes.

ShortStack's Hashtag Vote Contest template

Benefits of the Hashtag Vote Contest

Aside from the benefits of the Hashtag Feed Giveaway, this template offers powerful brand awareness thanks to the voting component. When raising votes, participants reach out to their circles of friends, family, colleagues, and anyone they know, asking them to navigate to your contest to cast their vote.

Instagram Hashtag Video Contest

If you’ve checked out any of the previous templates, this one won’t need much of an introduction. It works exactly like the Hashtag feed Giveaway, but instead of photos, the hashtag feed will pull in videos posted to Instagram.

ShortStack's Hashtag Video Contest template

Benefits of the Hashtag Video Contest

The undeniable drawing power of video is why video content rises by 100% annually.Marketers swear by video content for numerous reasons - it’s retained better than reading, and has the power to create an immediate, emotional reaction that strongly affects consumer decision making.Imagine the power a video contest can have on the perception of your brand. The authentic content created through video offers fantastic UGC benefits so you can use this persuasive strategy to market your business in future correspondence. Don’t forget that the other benefits offered by hashtag giveaways hold true here as well

Hashtag Customer Feedback

Every business can benefit from customer feedback in the form of a review - but reviews can sometimes be tough to get. Large brands shell out beaucoup bucks to companies who host review-capturing campaigns. Keep your money in your pocket! This template makes it simple to collect and display reviews by asking customers to use a hashtag you designate for this purpose.Similar to using the giveaway and contest templates previously mentioned, the hashtagged reviews will be pulled into a feed and displayed right on your campaign. You can then promote the published landing page on social media, or embed it right on your website.

ShortStack's Hashtag Feedback template

Benefits of Hashtag Customer Feedback Campaign

The (not so) secret ingredient in the recipe for customer conversion is trust. In this day and age, most companies have a cache of reviews readily available for easy reference. And if they don’t, it’s too hard to compete with those who do. Giving your customers an accessible means to review your business will help you build that trustworthiness online. You can then use the positive reviews to promote your brand across your marketing channels. Post testimonials on your website, by your products, or even in your email signature.

Points for Actions

This template was created by popular demand. It’s a unique template in that it doesn’t collect entries via a hashtag at all. Instead, this template collects entries via a good ol’ fashioned entry form. Within the entry form, the participant is offered up to five additional chances to win in exchange for completing specific actions - one of these actions can be a request for a “Follow” on Instagram.

Benefits of a Points for Actions Giveaway

Collect valuable data via an entry form and include an email list opt-in to grow your Instagram following. It’s the best of both worlds! You can include other actions to award participants extra chances to win, so grow your Twitter following, website traffic and even your YouTube subscribers to boot.

ShortStack's Points for Actions template. View and Create Your Own

Instagram Interactive Gallery

I saved the best for last with this Instagram Interactive Gallery template. I’m sure you’re familiar with that one spot in the bio section of your profile in which Instagram allows a live link. This template allows you to make the most out of that one link by displaying a gallery of clickable thumbnails.The way it works is this - add a link to your bio and never change it again! Every time you plan to host a giveaway or need to link to a website or promotion, update the Interactive gallery with your new content instead of the link. The link will always direct traffic to this one place where users will see clickable thumbnails representing your current offers as well as content you’ve created in the past.

ShortStack's Instagram Interactive Gallery template

Benefits of the Instagram Interactive Gallery

New content is the oil in your Instagram engagement machine. The Instagram Interactive Gallery template allows you to keep your content exciting with the convenience of using one link. Users will always find fresh content and you have one less link to keep track of.The next time you need to get an Instagram contest or giveaway published in a pinch, or you don’t have the resources to build something from scratch, use one of these templates to help you save time.

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By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・5 min read

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