Why Content for SEO Matters

This content explains the importance of content in SEO, highlighting the connection between social media and search engines.

By Dana Kilroy ・1 min read
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"SEO is social and social is SEO." It's a bold claim made in the infographic below, but as modern marketers know, to ignore the role of social media in search is to put your business in peril. In today's infographic, from content marketing agency Brafton, you can see the connection between the two.

Here are some highlights:

• Search engines focus on creating the best possible user experience.

• Offering relevant information increases visibility.

• Investing in original quality content creation is essential for SEO success.

Content fuels Google organic traffic:

• 92% of marketers say that content creation is either "very effective" or "somewhat effective" for SEO.

• A content strategy that carries across landing pages, updated blog posts and Tweet steadily increases organic search traffic through all of Google's updates.

• 50% of marketers cite web pages as "very effective" for SEO.

• 40% of marketers cite whitepapers as "very effective" for SEO.

• 27 million pieces of online content are shared daily.

• 76% of marketers who have strategic SEO campaigns in place invest in content creation.

• 1 in 5 social media messages include links to content.

• 60% of content-sharing messages specific to an industry mention a brand or product by name.

• Branding tells a story and stories rely on content.

• One goal should be to make a site that is so fantastic you become an authority in your niche.

Content converts search (and other) visitors:

• 52% of consumers say blogs have impacted purchase decisions.

• 57% of marketers have acquired new customers via their blogs.

• 42% of consumers look to articles and blogs for info about potential purchases.

• 60% of business decision makers say branded content helps them make better product decisions.

• 61% of consumers are more likely to purchase goods from businesses that offer custom content.

• 19% of beauty buyers who made purchases based on blog posts say they stumbled upon the content via search.

As you can see, content has become a critical part of the SEO puzzle! If you want to learn more about how contests and other campaigns influence SEO,If you want to learn more about how contests and other campaigns influence SEO, read our recent post.


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By Dana Kilroy ・1 min read

Dana Sullivan Kilroy is a communications professional with more than 20 years of experience delivering compelling content. Her work has appeared in national, award-winning publications and sites, including: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Fast Company, Inc.

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