Meet the Team

Our crew is what makes ShortStack awesome. We’re pros, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Jim Belosic

Overlord and “Pancake Guy”


He’s been referred to as Jimmy, Jim-bo and Tasty-Cakes, but around here we know him as the head honcho, chief master, overlord, and CEO of this place we call work. Jim spends his days doing his version of CEO stuff and spends his nights looking at exotic cars on Pinterest (true story) and hanging out with his family. He’s obsessed with customer service and it’s not uncommon for support questions to be answered by Jim himself. If you ask us, he also gives away way too much free stuff. If he weren’t an entrepreneur he’d want to be a king size candy bar in a Halloween bag – you know, the kind that’s awesome when you find it but then it makes you sick because you eat too much of it. When we asked him how he felt about pancakes he was speechless: We think he’s still coming to terms with the fact that he’s made more pancakes than anyone should ever have to.

Doug Churchill

“I Don’t Need a Title”


Doug is our mysterious lead developer. We say mysterious because he’s so busy making ShortStack awesome that he hasn’t found the time to tell us about himself. But we swear he exists. What we do know is that Doug is almighty and all-knowing and that he is bothered by Adam far too often. When he’s not being the most productive member of the ShortStack team, he’s at home spending time with his family. And, it should be noted, Doug sports more ShortStack gear than anyone else in the office. That, added to his mad tech skills, makes it okay that he didn’t fill out his bio questionnaire and that we still don’t know if he prefers pancakes or waffles.


Tara Bowlby

Duchess of Cattle Herding


Tara is ShortStack’s resident Rodeo Queen (literally: she was Miss Rodeo Nevada 2013). Her title says a lot about why she’s the perfect person to tighten the reigns around here when the stampede is running wild. From staff meetings to project management Tara literally takes the bull by the horns and steers projects to completion. When we asked her, “What do you do at work?” Tara said, “Whatever I’m told to do.” That tells us that Tara is the ultimate team player and we definitely roped a winner when she joined our crew.

Cody Callahan

Baron of Booleans


You don’t really need to know that Cody helps make ShortStack awesome or that he builds iPhone apps on his free time or that he only likes chocolate chip pancakes with butter and powdered sugar. The one thing that you need to know about Cody is that his wife is the most amazing baker on the planet. We’re serious, she spoils the office with everything from homemade Oreos (homemade Oreos!) to mini cherry pies with whipped cream. Because of this, we obviously keep Cody around and have added “Bring in delicious office sweets” to his weekly responsibilities.


Dylan Conlin

Counsellor of Cryptic Evolution


Dylan is another one of those dev guys, which means we’re not sure what he does but clearly it’s something good or else we wouldn’t keep hiring people. Like most developers Dylan doesn’t mind spending all of his off time on a computer. He’s one of the few people in the office who actually enjoys pancakes, minus their difficulty level to prepare. He also happens to have the best nicknames, like dyl-pickle and twompdong – we’re too afraid to ask!

Jacob Graham

High Lord of Binary Computation and Manipulation


Jacob was very serious in his bio questionnaire so we don’t know much more than that he has a fantastic nickname: Graham Cracker. He may or may not be an amateur gunsmith and he can’t ever relax, like, ever. This is why we love him! His persistence makes him an awesome developer and he’s always dreaming up new projects and products. He’s also a family man, which makes his obsession with guns a little less scary and he loves sausage and pancakes for breakfast.


Lea Heckley

Lady of Aesthetics


Lea spends her day in the office making cheddar as a result of her awesome graphic design skills. She’s been designing everything anyone could think of for the past 13 years – from t-shirts and websites to concert posters and, of course, Facebook Campaigns – which motivates her to do anything that’s not computer related when she’s away from the office. When she’s not working, hanging out with her mammals, or playing outside (on powder days she doesn’t roll into the office until 11:00), you can find her screaming “pancakes for life” from various rooftops. Lea is also known for her fantastic nightclub-worthy playlists which, on Fridays, are often heard throughout the office.

Chelsea Hejny

Lady Wordsmith


Chelsea is our social media beauty, and Beyonce-obsessed writer who spends her days crafting blog posts and dreaming up new eBooks that are designed to help our users and other readers see just how much Facebook rocks as a marketing tool. Luckily she hasn’t run out of ideas yet and keeps us looking good on a daily basis. Her family calls her Shelly B. We have no idea why, but who are we to judge? All we know is she thinks pancakes are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and she’s also a twin so if we ever need a quick replacement we know where to find one.


Adam Hemler

Duke of Client Engagement


Adam could sell a car to a car salesman, if you know what we mean. He spends his days in the office talking to anyone who will listen about how awesome ShortStack is, booking new clients, and working toward being a professional Nerf Gun slinger. When he’s not shooting at Ben Mach, he’s contemplating ruling the world while sitting on the couch with his wife. He prefers bacon over pancakes, but we choose to let him stay at ShortStack because he still finds pancakes delicious. Adam is the office movie and TV-show buff and if you’re ever at a loss for what to watch, just ask him for a recommendation.

Ashley Hennefer

Knight of Many Trades


Ashley’s one of those awesome people who manages to have her own successful business, work as a part-time journalist and save our customers’ Campaigns from potential chaos. So it’s no wonder having free coffee is one of her favorite ShortStack perks. She’s slightly obsessed with Feedly and in her free time she enjoys writing, traveling, and reading voraciously. Her biography would be titled Rosie the Riveter 2.0 — because she’s a woman with serious hacking skills — and she’s more than okay in our book because she loves pancakes.


Dana Sullivan Kilroy

Countess of Content Strategy


Dana joined ShortStack after getting tired of living the lonely life of a freelance writer. She now spends her days writing awesome social media content and getting it placed all over the world wide web. Her academic accomplishments are longer than any other employee’s so we won’t mention them in fear of embarrassing anyone else, but let’s just say she has experience. Dana’s nickname is Sully, from her maiden name, not Monsters Inc., and her free time is consumed by her family – 3 kids, 3 dogs, 1 cat and, last but not least, 1 husband. She didn’t want Jim to know she prefers waffles to pancakes, but her knowledge of Facebook, like the fact that she’s blocked the photo-tagging feature, guarantees her job.

Benjamin Mach

Archduke of Content Alchemy


We know Ben is a wordsmith because he openly admits that he’s a sucker for the correct usage of “you’re.” When he’s not in the office creating perfectly worded content about ShortStack and the help documents and videos that help our users, he’s waiting (read: hoping) for a spontaneous hockey game to break out. He claims his best quality are his bedroom eyes, which is, um, awkward, so we just tell ourselves that his best quality is the fact that he truly believes that griddle-cooked buttermilk delights are the greatest breakfast food ever. We’re anxiously awaiting his autobiography, “Adventures in Writer’s Block,” which Ben foresees as being pretty short. If he ever finishes it.


Mike Mathews

Earl of Code


In Mike’s bio questionnaire he included a disclaimer that said “LOL I’m going to write a phonebook’s worth of text for you…so um, good luck with that.” Needless to say there’s quite a bit we could tell you about Mike but we’ll start with the fact that his nicknames include Magic Mike (he got the nickname on his first day here) and Clorox (we’re not sure about this one). He believes the corporate world can be tough so you gotta schmooze a little to get what you need. He eats Kit Kats with the endless hope that someone will yell “Damn, break me off a piece of that!” and he loves all breakfast foods but only when someone else cooks it for him. Did we mention that Mike spends his office hours writing awesome code? Yeah, we forgot that part because we got too held up in the fact that he believes the way to become a dapper secret agent like James Bond is by taking dancing lessons with his girlfriend. Hmmmmmm.

Ben Menesini

VP Ubiquity Development


Ben is a developer, which means he says stuff nobody understands and does stuff nobody understands but no one cares because without the developers, ShortStack would just be a pile of pancake batter. He has a BS in CS and he’s been rocking the interwebz since 1893, he’s just that good. Unlike the rest of us traditional breakfast eaters, Ben likes to get fancy with the first meal of his day, eating crepes and beignets. He spends his days in the office coding and harassing Jim and he likes life with a side of hot sauce and ranch.


Jessica Miller

The Dopest Ginger


There is simply no royal title that would do Jessica justice so she gets one that is as unique as she is. Jessica knocks out ShortStack office tasks like Muhammad Ali. When she’s not searching Amazon for robot legos or rasta footie pajamas, she mostly writes love letters to our users, stocks the liquor shelves with plenty of Carolans, heats up chimichangas for Jim, marks Ben Mach’s Purell usage, pets Opal, sands the shuffleboard table, video tapes Chelsea’s sweet dance moves, practices her jug playing, and orders the pens. Jessica’s professional skills range from fundraising and administrative detail to repairing sidewalks and sanding tables. Seriously, she does it all and still finds time to throw back Manhattans and enjoy her favorite breakfast food (Carolans). Her only downfall in our eyes? She hates Justin Timberlake.

Sara Piccola

Mistress of Propaganda


Sara’s the only girl in the office who will jump in every Nerf Gun war and down a bag of Dirty Chips a day. She’s not afraid to call up national media contacts and urge them to talk about ShortStack, or force Jim to do at least some of the CEO duties that other CEOs do. She only likes pancakes with chocolate chip smiley faces on them, and eats bacon way more often than a Jewish person should. Often referred to as the crazy cat lady, Sara is one of those freaky animal lovers, you know, the kind who blog about their cats, but since she only has two we haven’t turned her in yet. She recently started volunteering at the local Humane Society and we have an office pool going with bets on when she’ll be bringing home a senior cat or dog that can’t seem to find a home


Amy Schemenauer

Overlord’s Sister


If you’re thinking this is just Jim in a wig, you’re wrong. Amy is, however, the Overlord’s one and only favorite big sister, and ShortStack’s project manager and user advocate. When she’s not keeping us all organized and making sure we meet our deadlines, she’s listening to our users’ requests and making them happen. (She only bosses Jim around occasionally.) During her off time, she’s hanging out with her family or hiding away in her cabin in the forest. She looked like a scared child when she confessed that pancakes aren’t her favorite breakfast food, but as to not upset her little brother she did eat the handlebars on a moped-shaped pancake Jim once made for her.

Jane Vance

Princess of Ticketopia


If we could give people more ridiculous titles than they already have, Jane would be “Office Mom.” Without Jane, it’s likely that more days than not would result in Nerf Gun wars, toy helicopter flying, and inflatable shark dodging. However, Jane keeps us working toward our goals, leading internal initiatives and helping make sure our users get the answers to their ShortStack-related questions quickly. Jane is currently in graduate school, where she’s finishing her master’s in public health administration – we’re confident she’ll find a way to put that degree to use at ShortStack (seriously). When she’s not (wo)manning the support desk, Jane can be found cramming for exams, hiking in the mountains, traveling around the world, and visiting vineyards and breweries. She has so far remained mum about pancakes.


Ryan Walker

Emperor of Digital Telepathy


Ryan has quite a few nicknames, including Texas Ranger, Walker and another one that is too inappropriate to say here. If you ask nicely and in private we might tell you. Aside from his nickname, Ryan is best known for being the guy who strokes everyone in the office’s egos. To earn his paycheck, he puts his 13 years of design experience to use creating things like the ShortStack website. He thinks pancakes are just “good” but prefers bacon for breakfast and his attention span doesn’t go beyond a one sentence status update. If you’re looking for an ego boost of your own, try to become Ryan’s Facebook friend because according to him, “You know you’ve made it in life if you are my Facebook friend.”


Officium Canis


Opal is our resident office dog and best friend to Lea. She spends her days guarding the back corner of the office and avoiding loud noises, most people and nerf gun wars. She enjoys hiking in the mountains, rolling in the snow and going on walks. She fears ceiling fans, feet, and shadows. We can assume her favorite breakfast food is muffins because she once ate an entire tray of Lea’s birthday cupcakes and her memoir would probably be “Yes, I’m a Rescue Dog.”


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