ShortStack is all you need

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 business with the resources to build campaigns from the ground up, or a small business looking for templates and drag-and-drop functions, ShortStack has the features you need. We also build Campaigns in-house for businesses of all sizes.


All ShortStack Campaigns are responsive and accessible from anywhere.

ShortStack is…

Ready-made templates and themes

Choose from 50+ professionally designed templates and 30+ themes to build Campaigns in minutes. Or create your own Campaigns from scratch.

Drag-and-drop functions

Organize ShortStack widgets within your Campaigns so they look and function the way you want them to – instantly. No coding required.

CSS editor

Experienced designers can further format and customize the look of their Campaigns.

Custom subdomains

Brand your Campaigns by creating unique subdomains.

White label

Remove the ShortStack logo to make your Campaigns all yours.

Visibility settings

Determine who can see your Campaigns, and when.

Unlimited data collection and storage

ShortStack stores each Campaign entry in an exportable database for you.

Detailed analytics

Our analytics reports show traffic, views, entries, shares and much more – in real time. All data is exportable.

Verified voting

Verify Campaign entrants in order to curb contest fraud.

Entry and voting restrictions

Restrict repeat entries or votes.

One account for multiple clients

Manage multiple clients’ Campaigns from a single ShortStack account.

Manage permissions for various team members

Manage how multiple users can access and modify Campaigns created under your account.

Refer-a-friend incentives

Award bonus points to users who refer friends who also enter your promotions.

Points-per-field incentives

Assign extra points to people who give you extra information.


Use Action-gating, a function that lets you ask users for information you need – for example, an email address, phone number or location – in exchange for access to your Campaigns.


ShortStack is your marketing partner


Our goal is to help you meet your social media marketing goals.



ShortStack’s support team is available seven days a week, 365 days a year. We have redundant servers in different parts of the United States to ensure your data is secure and available at all times.


Drive traffic to your ShortStack Campaigns and Facebook apps from anywhere on the web — your preferred social channels, website and blog, and in email messaging — and from any device.


All ShortStack Campaigns will adjust to fit mobile and desktop devices. Before you publish, use our live Campaign preview to see how your Campaigns will appear at different widths.

ShortStack works well with others

Integrate your Campaigns with: