21 Simple Ways to Boost Your Content’s Viral Potential [Infographic]

Using Your Data

“I hope the blog post I published doesn’t get shared a lot,” said no one, ever.

That’s just silly.

We all want what we write to get spread wide and far, and if possible, go viral.

While it’s tough to know if a piece of content will hit viral status before you share it, there are a handful of things you can do to help your content’s chances of success.

In fact, according to new research, posts that go viral tend to contain a few critical elements that encourage people to share.

Intrigued? I was when I learned this in a recent post from Brian Dean, the founder of the esteemed SEO blog, Backlinko.

To explain the handful of elements a blog post needs to go viral, Brian created today’s featured infographic. Such elements include a descriptive (but short) URL, “scannable” text and SEO tag copy.

To discover the full list of 21 simple ways to boost your content’s viral potential, take a look at Brian’s data-driven guide below.

viral potential infographic

Using Your Data
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