3 Experts Reveal How You Should Use Your Holiday Leads in the New Year

Learn how to effectively use the leads you collect during the holiday season in your marketing efforts for the new year. Plan early, make it about the New Year, turn customers into brand advocates, and remember to connect with real people. Expert advice and additional resources available.

By Jane Vance ・4 min read
Customer Data & Engagement

It’s the holiday season. You’re collecting new leads left and right from customers looking to score a good deal or win some sweet prizes. Do you ever stop to think how you’ll use these leads after the holiday frenzy has died down? If not, you should. We spoke with expert online marketers to learn how they suggest how you reach customers and use those leads you collected in the new year.

Plan early

The best way to approach marketing after the holidays is to plan.

Mari Smith, Premier Facebook Marketing Expert

Mari Smith, Premier Facebook Marketing Expert

“It's never too early to plan for your post-holiday marketing follow-up campaigns and nurture sequences. Make sure your contact lists are well-segmented. With your top customers, see how you can really wow them by going the extra mile.” — Mari Smith, Premier Facebook Marketing Expert (often referred to as the 'Queen of Facebook') and Top Social Media Thought Leader

Mari’s suggestion about segmenting lists and going the extra mile for top customers is only possible if you know who those people are. By planning early, you can ensure that the information you’re collecting about your customers DURING the holiday season will help you with your marketing AFTER the holidays.  

Make it about the New Year

The holidays don’t end with Christmas. Keep those festive and happy feelings going into 2024. Both Mari Smith and Neal Schaffer have suggestions on how to continue leveraging new leads once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. “For your warmest leads, instead of a holiday message or greeting card like everyone else, stand out from the crowd by sending a New Year greeting card in the mail and include a special offer, if relevant. With all your marketing efforts, anticipate how your competitors are zigging - and then you zag.” — Mari Smith

Everyone sends a message on Christmas, but how many businesses think to reach out for the New Year? Like Mari mentioned, a simple gesture is sometimes all it takes to stand out from your competitors. Furthermore, you can go beyond a simple greeting to reengage buyers and those who have yet to make a purchase.

Neal Schaffer, President at PDCA Social

Neal Schaffer, President at PDCA Social

AFTER the holiday season, it’s all about the new year. Think about what you can offer both those who never converted and your current customers that will help them ring in the new year with joy and excitement. It’s a time when many begin new New Year's commitments or try new habits, so it’s a great time to encourage products or services that will help them reach their goals for the new year.” — Neal Schaffer, President at PDCA Social

Neal’s idea to capitalize on everyone’s excitement for the new year and the new habits they hope to adopt or goals they want to reach is smart. Your brand can help them with these commitments and become part of their everyday life.

Turn customers into brand advocates

Leads are one thing, but make sure to also re-market to the people who made a purchase during the holidays. Better yet? Have them do the marketing for you! Andre Niemeyer gives excellent insight into how to do this.

Andre Niemeyer, Digital Driver at i9media

Tell brand stories, offer complementary products, and several other content blocks with the purpose of turning a customer into a follower, or hopefully even better, an advocate. From there, work hard to sell the brand, not a commodity, with the goal of increasing cross-sell, up-sell, and overall customer lifetime value.” — Andre Niemeyer, Digital Driver at i9media

Andre’s suggestions on selling the brand, and not just your products, hints at brand loyalty. Make folks fall in love with your brand by connecting with customers to help them make a personal connection. This connection will keep them coming back to your brand time again and again.Check out our blog post, 22 Ways To Turn Your Holiday Customers Into Long-Term Brand Advocates, for more ideas.

Remember you’re talking to real people

“When you know more about your customers than anyone else, this gives you a competitive edge. So, whether you're B2B or B2C, to me it's all P2P - people to people. Think about what your customers are going through after the decorations are put away and they're facing the new year ahead. What's keeping them up at night? How can your product or service meet their needs at this time?” — Mari Smith

As Mari explains, putting a face on your customers can help you connect with them. The data you collect over the holidays allows you to get to know who your customers are, so remember this when you reach out to them. Building a relationship with your customers is more than sending them a special offer or telling them about your product. Instead, treat them as people first. Need some ideas about how to keep your marketing moving in the new year? Read our blog posts Online Marketing Campaigns to Make Your Life Easier in the New Year and 5 (Mostly Effortless) Ways to Keep Your Holiday Marketing Momentum.

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By Jane Vance ・4 min read

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