4 Games That Make Lead Collection Fun for Participants & Increase Brand Awareness

Learn how to increase brand awareness and engage customers by using games in your online sweepstakes and giveaways.

By Jane Vance ・3 min read
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Have you ever entered an online sweepstakes only to wonder why some company is sending you emails a couple of days later? I know I’m guilty. I have to rack my brain to remember why this company has my email address until it finally dawns on me that I entered a sweepstakes to win a sweet new stroller #NewMomLife.Don’t let this happen to your brand! Instead of running a forgettable giveaway where folks fill out a form and leave, use a game to grab their attention. Games increase the time people spend on your site, which leads to greater brand awareness. In turn, brand awareness increases the likelihood that customers think of your company when they go to make a purchase.

Let contestants take a gamble

Instant win contests offer loads of possibilities for gamifying your sweepstakes. A spin the reels giveaway evokes the glitz and glamour of Vegas via a virtual slot machine. Although no real gambling is taking place, contestants are excited to take a spin and find out if they have the magic touch.To increase brand awareness, take advantage of the visual aspects of a spin the reel giveaway. To win, a specific sequence must be achieved when the reels are spun. Let folks know which sequence to “cheer” for when they spin by displaying your own branded symbols. Make the winning symbols your logo, a product you offer, or something else that brings your brand into play. By getting entrants to concentrate on your business for even a few seconds, they’ll be more likely to recall it in the future when making a purchase.

View and Create Your Own*No gambling is taking place. Instead, a background algorithm is used to determine winning entries.*

Challenge your participants

Puzzle sales soared during the lockdowns of the past year. Why not get in on the trend? Use a virtual puzzle to challenge your sweepstakes entrants. Require them to complete the puzzle in order to submit an entry. You can even require them to complete the puzzle in a given amount of time. If they don’t finish, they need to try again in order to enter.To promote brand awareness and make use of the time people are spending to complete your puzzle, make the puzzle image either a product you offer or your logo. If someone spends a few seconds to a few minutes concentrating on completing the puzzle, they are spending that time staring at your brand. How’s that for brand awareness?

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Increase instant win suspense

An individual’s connections to an event will increase as they use more senses. With online contests, it’s hard to use much more than sight and sound. However, what if you could emulate the experience of touch? Enter a scratch and win giveaway. After entering this type of contest, participants must “scratch off” a card to see if they won. Although they aren’t actually scratching the card, the act of moving their mouse or rubbing their finger across the screen activates their sense of touch.Make sure the image that you’re revealing or the image that folks are scratching off includes something related to your brand. To increase participants’ brand recall, invite losing entrants to return to the contest to try again the next day and send them an email with a special offer.

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Test their smarts

People enjoy being challenged. A knowledge or trivia quiz appeals to folks who want their smarts tested, and it increases the time they spend interacting with your brand. Be sure to ask questions that relate to your business or products. For example, a sports shoe company might ask folks to choose the shoe made for basketball, then show four examples of their products as potential answers.After all of the questions have been answered, ask quiz takers to submit their email address to learn their score and to enter your giveaway. In addition to providing their outcome, invite participants to share the quiz with friends to see if they can match or beat their score.

View and Create Your OwnWhen you use games for contests, the contests are not only entertaining, but they increase the amount of time folks spend with your brand. This means you’ll not only collect leads, you’ll also promote brand awareness. Want to get started with a ShortStack game template, but have some questions? Set up a call with our sales team or shoot our support team an email:

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By Jane Vance ・3 min read

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