4 Ideas for B2B Marketing and Lead Collection Success

This blog post features four examples of successful online marketing campaigns for B2B marketers to reach their target market.

By Jane Vance ・2 min read
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B2B marketers face a unique set of challenges when creating online marketing campaigns. Unlike B2C marketing, it’s a bit more difficult for B2B businesses to find their target market and collect qualified leads. B2B marketers don’t want to waste their time and resources casting a net for more general leads that might work well for B2C businesses. Instead, marketing must reach a smaller, more specialized group of folks. The four campaigns featured in this blog post are good examples of how B2B marketers can create online campaigns that reach their target market.

Dewalt’s “#TradeStory” Contest

Dewalt created a clever campaign that appeals to both tradespeople and do-it-yourselfers. With their #TradeStory contest, Dewalt Canada encourages people who have participated in Skills/Competences Canada or are currently working in a trade to share their trade-related stories. In return, they are entered to win $500 worth of products from Dewalt and have the chance to share their stories. This contest also shows non-tradespeople how people who perform trade jobs for a living use Dewalt products.

Dewalt’s “#TradeStory” Contest

View and Create Your Own ALTERNATIVE CAMPAIGN IDEA: Use a hashtag contest on Twitter or Instagram to collect entries and increase contest visibility! An Instagram hashtag contest would be perfect. Entrants would post to Instagram with their story, an image that represents their story and include the contest #hashtag to submit.

Shiseido Group’s “My Fragrance Training” Product Page

Looking to educate retailers of your products on new releases? Shiseido Group created a landing page to help train retailers about their scents. Each product includes helpful selling tips about the scent so retailers are confident when describing the products to customers. Fragrance notes are also included so sellers can give customers an accurate description of the product.

Shiseido Group’s “My Fragrance Training” Product Page

LEAD COLLECTION IDEA: Require retailers to submit their name and email address before they can view the product information. This will grow a list of retailers interested in receiving additional training and information about your product. You can then proactively reach out to these people with helpful resources in the future.

Merge Digital Solutions’s “Lunch and Learn Seminar” Registration Page

Sponsoring business lunches, educational seminars or other trainings is a great way for B2B service providers to gather valuable leads. Merge Digital Solutions created a Lunch and Learn Seminar for folks to learn more about marketing. The registration landing page gives participants an easy way to sign up.

Merge Digital Solutions’s “Lunch and Learn Seminar” Registration Page
TIP: Encourage attendance by entering those who register for an event into a drawing. Announce the winner at your event, and mention the winner must be present to accept the prize.

EMAIL MARKETING IDEA: If the event you sponsored was closely related to your business, then folks who attended are sure to want more information. Use the leads you collect via the registration page to send information about services your business provides.

Caribbean Tourism Organization “Oh My Word, I Blogged!” Best Caribbean Travel Blog -- Canada

Best-of contests are extremely popular. The Caribbean Tourism Organization created a clever best-of contest with their “Oh My Word, I Blogged!” best Caribbean travel blog campaign. With this contest, bloggers can submit their work and the public votes on the entries. This contest is a smart way for the Caribbean Tourism Organization to collect UGC and for the bloggers to get their work out there. Win-win!

Caribbean Tourism Organization “Oh My Word, I Blogged!” Best Caribbean Travel Blog -- Canada
TIP: Have lots of entries? Use the Search Widget to give voters the ability to search through entries quickly.

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By Jane Vance ・2 min read

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