6 Fresh Ideas for Generating UGC this Spring

Fresh Ideas for Generating UGC

6 Fresh Ideas for Generating UGC this Spring

Everyone’s been talking about UGC and just how valuable it is for your business. We’ve collected six unique campaigns to keep your UGC collection efforts fresh. Plus, we included email marketing suggestions to help turn those UGC leads into sales.

AgChoice Farm Credit’s 2020 Calendar Contest

Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. A photo contest where winners’ photography is featured offers entrants the chance to show off their skills and you a way to collect UGC. Check out AgChoice Farm Credit’s photo contest. For this contest, people submit photos depicting country living and farming. When the contest ends, AgChoice will select their favorite photos, then feature those photos in their 2020 calendar.

Email marketing idea: Use a scheduled email to announce the calendar release, and provide a link where folks can purchase or sign up to receive one of the calendars.

Colman’s Mustard’s “#HotMessSquad” Sign-Up Form

Brand ambassador programs are UGC gold mines, and Colman’s Mustard created a smart ambassador campaign with a twist. To be considered for their brand ambassador program, folks must submit their personal information (name, email, physical address) and Colman’s Mustard will send them a free sample. In return for the sample, entrants need to post a product review and a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #HotMessSquad.

Email marketing idea: Follow-up with brand ambassadors and offer them coupons for your product a month or two after they sign up. Encourage them to continue posting and engage them with new contests — a hashtag contest to stoke brand awareness works well.

WCVE’s Mug Design Contest for 2019 Spring Pledge Drive

Design contests help spread the word about a cause and give artists an outlet to showcase their work. WCVE’s mug design contest is a great example. The mug is a thank you gift for donors, and will be distributed during WCVE’s 2019 spring pledge drive. The 2019 mug design will be chosen from designs submitted by artists to the contest. WCVE staff members will choose the winner.

Email marketing idea: Announce the winner via email, and encourage entrants to share details about donating with their friends.

BECU’s “PEGA Naming” Contest

Naming contests inspire a sense of product “ownership” for the person who wins. Plus, they are a smart idea for collecting creative names. BECU had a clever idea with their PEGA naming contest. Their contest solicited names from their employees for their new PEGA tool. The winner not only gets recognition for submitting the best name, but they also win a $250 gift card.

Yosemite Conservancy’s “Yosemite Moments: Winter” Campaign

What’s the best way to encourage folks to visit your location? Stunning photos. This is even true of popular destinations like Yosemite National Park. With their Yosemite Moments: Winter campaign, Yosemite Conservancy asks people to submit their most stunning winter photos from the park. The winner gets a year-long pass to the park and park gear, but Yosemite Conservancy comes away with UGC gold — beautiful photos that create a serious case of FOMO.

Email marketing idea: Send emails to entrants throughout the year highlighting special events, especially those that might be Instagram-worthy.

Hatchlings’s “Queen Coco’s Recipe For Romance” Campaign

Fanfiction is the ultimate way for lovers of a fictional world to show their devotion. Hatchlings created a campaign for fans to submit their own fanfiction works. With the prompt of “Queen Coco’s recipe for romance,” Hatchlings devotees are invited to write and submit their own stories.

Email marketing idea: Send emails to entrants with new product offers. If they’re a fan, then they’ll love being the first to know!

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