9 ShortStack Updates for Creating Better Campaigns

ShortStack provides businesses with tools to create engaging marketing campaigns. They have made updates to their platform to meet business needs.

By Dana Kilroy ・3 min read
ShortStack Tips & Tricks

At ShortStack, our goal is to provide businesses and agencies with the tools they need to create engaging marketing campaigns.

As we all know, the more interaction you have with your online audience, the better chance you have of collecting information and leads from them that you can use to enhance your product and increase revenue.

We've recently made the ShortStack platform even more flexible and capable of meeting the needs of businesses large and small with some small and big updates.

Here are 9 updates that we're excited to share with you:

1. Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) product that businesses large and small use to organize their marketing efforts.

Salesforce lets you keep leads, sales deals, and documents all in one place. ShortStack's integration with Salesforce allows businesses to automatically add an entrant's contact information as a lead within Salesforce.

All leads gathered through the ShortStack/Salesforce integration become new leads in Salesforce (the Salesforce integration does not update existing leads).

2. New CSS Editor

ShortStack's CSS Editor is a favorite features for businesses that are building high-end marketing campaigns.

We've received so many compliments on the capabilities of ShortStack combined with CSS so we've taken our CSS editor and made it even easier to use for all levels of CSS coders. The new CSS Editor automatically adds a closing bracket that will save you time.

You can also collapse sections so it's easier to scroll through your code and find a specific call-out. The new CSS Editor will auto-detect and finish what you're typing. Just hold down the control and space buttons simultaneously and the editor will provide suggestions.

The Editor also detects if something is spelled wrong or isn't an actual code option. Bottom line: the CSS Editor helps you catch errors.

3. Improvements to Entry Export

Whenever a user runs a promotion on ShortStack we collect entries into our database system.

In the past, we've provided you with the ability to export those entries to the email associated with your account.

We've changed things up a bit and now users can choose to export all entries or only selected approved entries, and you can choose to send them to an alternative email.

For users who have multiple people working on a Campaign, the new export features make it easy to get the leads you've collected to the right person at your office or directly into your clients' hands.

4. New Templates

We're always adding new templates and themes, however there are a few templates we're really excited about. One is our new Pinterest Template and the other our new Voting Templates.

Our Pinterest Template has been redesigned to reflect Pinterest's new look and it's responsive. Whether your fans are accessing your Campaign from their mobile device or desk top, they'll easily be able to navigate the template.

We've also simplified the code for the Pinterest Template so it's easier to set up.

The Voting Templates have also received a facelift and are responsive. This means that thumbnail entries to be voted on will resize depending on your Campaign width. The overall Voting Template design is more user friendly and looks fantastic.

5. New Color Picker in the Rich Text Widget

The Rich Text Widget allows users to add styled text to Campaigns. We've added a convenient color picker that can be used to choose the font color and background color.

When building a Campaign in ShortStack, themes can save you time by letting you start with a predesigned color scheme, but the color picker allows for more flexibility even if you're using a theme.

6. ShortStack Teams

With a single ShortStack account, you can add coworkers or employees as “Team Members” who work with you and with each other to create Campaigns, manage databases, and monitor analytics.

Account owners retain control of all Campaigns, databases, and other assets. Grant team members different levels of access to the content you and other members create.

All content your team members create remains in your possession, even if a team member moves to another assignment. You can revoke access at any time.

7. Preview Campaigns for Facebook or the Web

When you build a Campaign for Facebook or the Web you want to know what it looks like, right?

Well, now we provide you with the ability to preview your Campaigns in full-screen mode. You will know exactly what your Campaign will look like and how it will function for your audience.

8. Restrict Instagram Widget Photos to a Specific Time Range

Instagram promotions are among the most successful popular photo contests we see run with ShortStack.

If you're looking to run an Instagram contest, you can now limit the timeframe during which your fans can upload photos. Let's say you want fans to take a photo-a-day for 30 days? You can now make sure that you're only accepting entries from that 30-day period.

9. Test Out ShortStack's Database on Our Free Plan

If you're not a current ShortStack subscriber, but news about these updates makes you want to try the platform, check out our upgraded Free plan.

One of the top benefits of our new Free plan is that it provides a trial of our database capabilities. We'll store your first 25 entries so you can see how our database features work.If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to email us at

If you're interested in seeing any of these updates in action, you can set up a live demo with a ShortStack team member by emailing

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By Dana Kilroy ・3 min read

Dana Sullivan Kilroy is a communications professional with more than 20 years of experience delivering compelling content. Her work has appeared in national, award-winning publications and sites, including: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Fast Company, Inc.

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