How SunRype Collected 97,000+ Entries and Valuable Customer Data: Customer Success Story

Discover how SunRype incentivized customers to share their data through a giveaway, resulting in increased brand awareness and customer acquisition.

By Jane Vance ・3 min read
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Today’s marketers know how important customer data is to every decision they make. From product development to what type of marketing campaign to run to what time of day to send an email, data is king. However, people are wary of who they give their data to and what data they provide, which makes it harder to collect important customer information for your business.The key is to incentivize your customers to share their data. SunRype’s “Fuel Your Family Fitness” giveaway offered extra entries in exchange for user-generated content (UGC). Find out more about SunRype’s story, including the objectives they had for their contest, how they did it, what information they collected and their results.

SunRype promoted their giveaway on social media

Campaign Objectives

SunRype is a Canadian juice and snack company out of British Columbia. They specialize in all-natural fruit bars and other snacks. According to Shelley Carter, a representative from SunRype, the company is “focused on encouraging individuals and families to live healthy lifestyles.” With their “Fuel Your Family Fitness” campaign, SunRype wanted to drive brand awareness and increase new customer acquisition.

SunRype's giveaway

The Solution

SunRype created a giveaway that was designed to meet their goals as well as collect valuable customer information and some UGC. To do this, they chose to run a contest with the option to reward extra entries for completing optional fields.When setting up their contest, SunRype chose which fields they wanted to require for entry and which would be optional. They chose to make the photo upload field optional. The photo upload field allowed them to collect UGC, including images that were posted to Instagram with a specific hashtag. After that, they further customized their campaign to fit their brand. According to Carter, “ShortStack has allowed us to collect entries and encourage social media engagement with our brand, resulting in increased awareness and new consumer acquisition opportunities.”The ShortStack field points feature makes it easy to award extra entries. With this feature, you choose which fields entrants will receive extra entries for filling out and how many points those fields are worth. When choosing a winner, these extra entries can be applied to increase the chances of winning for those who earned them. Plus, our Earn Extra Points Giveaway template is an easy way to get started.

SunRype utilized ShortStack's Points for Fields feature on their form

Contest Details

The “Fuel Your Family Fitness” contest ran from January 6 to February 28, 2020. Participants were entering to win a home gym or one of 10 fitness trackers. Every two weeks, SunRype ran a random drawing to give away two of the 10 fitness trackers. In the end, the four remaining fitness trackers were awarded, along with the home gym.Folks could enter once every 24 hours. Repeat visits increases top-of-mind awareness when shopping for groceries. Plus, SunRype not only collected basic information, like name and email address, but they also collected a crucial piece of marketing information: where their customers typically purchase SunRype products. This can help their team see if their marketing efforts are increasing sales at these stores. Furthermore, if people aren’t already purchasing SunRype products, then they’ll see which stores sell them.SunRype promoted their giveaway on their social media profiles, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, which gave fans a way to connect with the brand. Plus, the option for folks to submit Instagram photos with a branded contest hashtag and to share the contest on their social media profiles exposed their friends and followers to the SunRype brand and contest.

Giveaway entants also posted to Instagram for extra entry points

The Results

“Connecting with [customers] on a more personal level through campaigns like our Fuel Your Family Fitness has been so rewarding for us,” said Carter.SunRype collected 97,131 entries via form submissions to their sweepstakes. In addition, 14,640 extra entries were rewarded through the field points feature, meaning they collected 1,464 images. Carter mentioned that SunRype will be using the email addresses they received during the giveaway for future promotions and product offers.The contest also garnered 70,735 unique views and 196,077 total views. That’s a lot of folks who were exposed to the SunRype brand over the course of the contest. It was shared 3,901 times. 97,131 autoresponder emails were sent, with 25,246 opens. Their emails included a 10% discount code for future purchases.SunRype also saw visits to their social media profiles double and engagement increase during the contest. Lynn Heinrich, Business Development and Marketing Manager USA for SunRype Products Ltd, said, "We are always pleasantly surprised to see the number and quality of posted social media photos we get from our loyal consumer following."

Get the Data You Need With Extra Chances to Win

Data and UGC are important to today’s marketers. Incentivize your customers to share the information they want to or submit UGC. Giving people the power to choose what they submit will increase your contest’s success by generating more leads and exposing your brand to new customers.

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By Jane Vance ・3 min read

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