The 97 Best Holiday Hashtags That Will Explode Your Campaign Reach This Year

Best Holiday Hashtags

Are you all prepped and ready for the holiday marketing season?

Your customers will inevitably be searching far and wide for deals – at their local mall, in their inbox, and on social media. And as I’ve discussed previously, a “deal” is not always necessarily about discounting and devaluing your products but finding an exchange of value that piques the interest of your customers.

Discount or not, if you have created an irresistible offer for your customers this holiday season you will want to make sure it gets in front of as many people as possible.

One way you can tap into additional reach is by using relevant and trending holiday hashtags on social media.

Why use holiday hashtags?

There are four key reasons hashtags are important to use when promoting your holiday campaigns on social media:

  1. Join trending topics or events. By using the most appropriate hashtags for each post you can join the conversation for trending topics and events. At this time of year, those events will be Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations.
  2. Increase post engagement. When used properly, hashtags can increase the engagement levels of your posts. However, if you use too many hashtags, engagement can actually decrease. For Twitter and Facebook, you’re best to only use 1-2 hashtags, whereas on Instagram the optimal number of hashtags is 9.

Increase post engagement for Holiday Hashtags

Number of Hashtags vs. Average Engagement Per Post on Instagram

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  1. Expand your organic reach. By leveraging trending holiday hashtags you capture the attention of people outside of your current audience who are searching for those terms.
  2. Categorize content. Hashtags categorize the content of your campaign so that it is easily searchable. This helps you track the campaign’s content and identify opportunities to boost engagement.

Convinced that hashtags are worthy of your time this holiday season? Here are 97 of the best holiday hashtags to use in your campaigns, broken down by category.

Note: I have included the potential reach for each hashtag on Instagram to give you an idea of its potential.


Holiday for Holiday Hashtags

#holidayshopping search on Instagram

Let’s start the hashtag list off with the most obvious category – holidays.

When using hashtags the key is to strike a balance between reach and specificity. For example, if you use the generic hashtag “#holidays” you will likely get lost in a sea of noise. Alternatively, a more specific hashtag such as “#holidaysale” still has considerable reach but the intent of the person searching for that hashtag is more refined.

#holidays (60 million)

#holidaystyle (448k)

#holidayseason (4.3 million)

#holidayspirit (966k)

#holidayshopping (1 million)

#holidayshop (43k)

#holidaysale (282k)

#holidayspecial (94k)

#holidayseasonlive (18k)

#holidayswag (13k)

#holidays2019 (78k)

#holidaysparkle (17k)

#holidaysavings (26k)

#holidaysarecoming (444k)

#holidaysmood (50k)

#happyholidays (12 million)

#happyholidays2019 (35k)

#happyholidayseason (8.6k)

#happyholidaystoall (7.8K)

#holidaygiveaway (59k)

#holidaycontest (4.9k)


thanksgiving for holiday hashtags

#thanksgivingiscoming search on Instagram

The next category of holiday hashtags is Thanksgiving. Compared to the other categories in this article, Thanksgiving is less about straight selling and more about expressing your values as a brand. It’s a time to be thankful and give back to your community. Of course, for many brands, Thanksgiving presents a business opportunity, but just remember the meaning of this holiday when you leverage these hashtags so that your messaging isn’t misinterpreted by your potential customers.

#thanksgiving (16 million)

#thanksgivings (24k)

#thanksgivingweekend (217k)

#thanksgivingfood (32k)

#thanksgivingfeast (71k)

#thanksgivingclapback (113k)

#thanksgivingdecor (68k)

#thanksgivingdinner (443k)

#thanksgivingdeals (2.6k)

#thanksgivingsales (4.2k)

#thanksgivingturkey (22k)

#thanksgivingprep (72k)

#thanksgivingbreak (234k)

#thanksgivingparty (31k)

#thanksgivingweek (73k)

#thanksgivingready (14k)

#thanksgivingiscoming (13k)

#thanksgivinggiveaway (4.6k)

Black Friday

black friday for holiday hashtags

#blackfriday search on Instagram

Black Friday sales are expected to grow by more than 15% this year, a growth trajectory that has accelerated in recent years largely due to social media and eCommerce.

Getting the attention of your ideal customers during this frenzied day of sales has never been harder, especially since everyone is actively looking for deals, and all of your competitors are offering something too. Any small competitive advantage you can find during on Black Friday is critical, which is why nailing your hashtag strategy is worth the effort.

#blackfriday (9 million)

#blackfriday2019 (4k)

#blackfridaysale (599k)

#blackfridaydeal (46k)

#blackfridayshopping (140k)

#blackfridayweek (20k)

#blackfridayweekend (33k)

#blackfridayads (1.5k)

#blackfridayoffer (5.4k)

#blackfridayready (2.8k)

#blackfridaybonus (7.4k)

#blackfridayspecial (20k)

#blackfridaymadness (14k)

#blackfridayfun (6.5k)

#blackfridayhaul (9.1k)

#blackfridayparty (3.7k)

#blackfridaysavings (2.6k)

#blackfridayfinds (1.7k)

#blackfridaygiveaway (3.8k)

#blackfriday[insert country]

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday for holiday hashtags

#cybermonday search on Instagram

In 2017, Cyber Monday was the biggest US shopping day ever. Take a moment to think about that…

Built as a traditional “stock clearance” on the back of Black Friday, Cyber Monday is renowned for offering the biggest deals of the year and consumers know it. Deal-hungry buyers are waiting in the wings to spend their money, and if you can find those individuals and deliver them an offer that resonates, then you will generate an enviable spike in sales.

Make use of these hashtags to attract consumers to your offer.

#cybermonday (1.5 million)

#cybermondayshopping (3.8k)

#cybermondaysale (83k)

#cybermondaydeals (49k)

#cybermonday[insert country]


Christmas for holiday hashtags

#christmasgiftideas search on Instagram.

Christmas is all about gift-giving. And while a certain number of people will be searching for gifts in December, many will make the most of the November sales to buy all of their gifts. Consider combining some of these Christmas hashtags with your Black Friday and Cyber Monday posts to spread your reach and focus your message.

#merrychristmas (38 million)

#happychristmas (1.4 million)

#christmasdeals (40k)

#christmassale (357k)

#merrychristmastoall (83k)

#happychristmastoall (2.7k)

#merrychristmaseveryone (228k)

#merrychristmasyall (67k)

#merrychristmastoyou (14k)

#happychristmasholidays (41k)

#happychristmastime (4.1k)

#christmasgift (3.2 million)

#christmasgiftideas (361k)

#christmasgiftguide (33k)

#christmasgiftbox (5.8k)

#christmasgiftsforher (16k)

#christmasgiftsforhim (5.8k)

#christmasgiveaway (112k)

#christmascontest (9.7k)

#xmassale (50k)

#xmasoffer (3k)

#xmasdeals (5.2k)

Boxing Day and New Year’s

Boxing Day and New Year’s for holiday hashtags

#newyearsale search on Instagram

The last of the holiday hashtag categories is a combination – Boxing Day and New Year’s.

Both Boxing Day and New Year’s Day are synonymous with clearance sales. It’s the last opportunity for many brands, online and offline, to sell this year’s stock and hit their targets prior to the quiet January and February months when most shoppers go into hibernation. Work the use of these hashtags into your end-of-year strategy and close out 2019 with a bang!

#boxingdaysales (91k)

#boxingdayfun (42k)

#boxingdayhunt (4.8k)

#boxingdaymadness (2.8k)

#happynewyear (31 million)

#newyearsale (114k)

#newyeardeals (2.8k)

#newyearoffer (10k)

#newyearresolutions (114k)

#newyearsgoals (70k)

#newyeargiveaway (10k)


Hashtags help us categorize content, make it searchable, expand the reach of our posts, increase engagement, and ride the wave of trending topics. So, as the holiday season kicks into gear, and you are planning your social media campaigns, think strategically about the best holiday hashtags you will use.

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Best Holiday Hashtags
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